Clear Water Tech Ozone Generators

Clear Water Tech Ozone Generators For Water Treatment

Clear Water Tech has become the leader in designing ozone generators for water with proficient engineering and development in ozone systems for water treatment purposes. Consistent innovation of new ozone generator water treatment solutions has made Clear Water Tech the most highly rated ozone generator company since the 1980’s. Check out our selection of disinfection products manufactured from Clear Water Tech down below to find the type that is best suited for your business operation. 

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Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Clear Water Tech Ozone Generators to meet any water treatment challenge. Our ozone generators for water are as sophisticated and reliable as potentially possible, including requiring less electrical energy to produce more ozone.


Clear Water Tech is a premier manufacturer of ozone generator water treatment equipment and equivalent parts to be employed in a wide variety of applications such as:

Ozone generation effectively prevents the damaging impact from the sun’s UV radiation to occur. Bad ozone is a familiar prevalence found in the lower atmosphere, which is formed due to air pollution. Air pollution is brought about from the mixing of carbon dioxide with UV radiation or sunlight at the ground level. 

Virtually all of the air pollution we have are a result of human consumption, which includes oil & gasoline in vehicles, coal burning, power & energy plants, industries, etc. Air pollution can take the form of smog. 

Smog is frequently misinterpreted as the same as ozone. This is a misconception, and is usually due to the measurement of ozone when experts attempt to ascertain the levels of smog. Simplicity and relevancy are the two reasons why ozone is used to measure smog conditions. In the end, ozone is a contributor for the elimination of smog, and when produced by ozone generators is quite harmless to the environment. 

Benefits of Using Ozone Generators for Water

Ozone has been providing consistent performance and is now the most commonly used oxidation and disinfection treatment for air and water purification. Organizations such as the USDA, EPA, and the FDA have accepted ozone as the best antibiotic disinfectant. An ozone water machine does not require the use of chemicals, and only needs to be used with water and created on site when requested.

Ozone generator water treatment from Clear Water Tech will make the handling and storage of your chemicals very easy, reduce business expenses, and provide a positive impact on the environment.

Ozone water generators are a more cost-effective solution than chlorine, saline, or other chemicals and are capable of oxidizing and eliminating virtually all bacteria, viruses, fungi, in water far more quickly and effectively than chlorine and bromine. Odor, color, and taste are also controlled with the usage of ozone. Ozone has also been utilized for the flocculation of biological organisms which makes it easier to incorporate water treatment systems. Possibly its most important benefit is that it is produced on demand and is easily reformed back to oxygen.

How does ozone water purification work?

Ozone water purification starts with the employment of an ozone generator that generates ozone in the lower atmosphere similarly to how the sun does in the earth’s upper atmosphere. UV lamps at high-intensity are used inside the ozone generator to simulate the ozone creating UV rays from the sun.

Once the ozone is generated, it goes through a diffuser which produces bubbles and immerses them with ozone. This configuration is then combined with water in a water treatment system and prompts the weaker oxygen molecules in the ozone to detach and connect themselves to any biological organism in the water. Once the organic substances are connected with these oxygen molecules, oxidation occurs and cultivates the substance into fresh ultra pure water.

When used correctly, ozone is seen as the most powerful tool for many applications that are at high concentrations. As aforementioned, it is required to be made on demand and utilized promptly. Ozone generator water treatment is not only great for eliminating biological microorganisms but metals in water such as iron, sulfur, and manganese into obscure particles, which helps the water filtration process. 

An ozone water machine is responsible for providing virtually all of the world’s clean, uncontaminated water. Most water bottles are cleansed with the usage of these ozone water machines and many swimming pool organizations have adopted ozone water purification rather than the conventional method of chlorine, due to its less adverse side effects.