Memstar Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Modules

Memstar Submerged UF (MBR) Modules
  • Filtration Surface: 160, 235 & 325 ft2
  • Membrane material: PVDF (TIPS)
  • Filtration mode: Outside-In
  • Typical flux: [5-18 gfd]
Memstar Pressurized UF Modules
  • Filtration Surface: 592, 861 & 1290 ft2
  • Membrane material: PVDF (TIPS)
  • Filtration mode: Outside-In
  • Typical flux: [25-70 gfd]

With cutting-edge features that provide unmatched performance, Memstar's high pressure and immersed methods are increasingly being used globally in industrial and municipal water and wastewater applications to treat a wide range of sites.

Memstar Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Modules

Memstar’s TIPS PVDF hollow fiber technology and MBR modules

At the core of Memstar’s products is the hollow fiber membrane technology. It is a single layer PVDF fiber that is manufactured through a thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) process. The dense crystalline structure eliminates the need for reinforcement. Other widely used materials used in ultrafiltration lack the optimal combination of characteristics.

Memstar’s TIPS PVDF membrane is:

  • Several times stronger than other PVDF fibers eliminating the need for reinforcement
  • The most chemically robust PVDF membrane in the market with the ability to tolerate exposure across the full pH range
  • Permanently hydrophilic

Memstar’s submerged membrane modules (SMM) products combine the benefits derived from the best-in-class TIPS PVDF, and innovative module and skid designs to provide the most compact, simple, and reliable solution for customers. SMM products are typically applied in membrane bioreactor (MBR) applications treating municipal and industrial wastewaters. They are designed to effectively meet the needs of customers designing a new facility or replacing existing skids of any other manufacturer.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • High packing density = Fewer skids, smaller footprint, higher productivity
  • Patented air scouring technologies = Low energy consumption
  • High mechanical strength = Long life
  • Extreme caustic and oxidant tolerance = Long life, challenging applications
  • Dense crystalline and monolithic structure = Direct Integrity Testing capability

Standard Skid Model Number: 

  • SMM1015-11X-MBR05B316
  • SMM1522-11X-MBR05B316
  • SMM1522-11X-MBR25B316
  • SMM1522-12X-MBR50B316
  • SMM1522-22X-MBR100B316
  • SMM2030-11X-MBR05B316
  • SMM2030-11X-MBR25B316
  • SMM2030-12X-MBR50B316
  • SMM2030-22X-MBR100B316

Memstar Membrane Bioreactor MBR Modules Data Sheet

Memstar Submerged Modules & Skids Specifications - Data Sheet