We have membranes to satisfy your water treatment requirements. We provide the greatest selection of membranes accessible for each and every stage of your water purification process, from our technologically and high rejection MICRODYN RO membrane elements.

MICRODYN-NADIR creates membrane products to match your individual required specifications, from food and dairy to pharmaceutical and healthcare.

MICRODYN-NADIR is one of the leading manufacturers in customized spiral wound membrane elements. MICRODYN-NADIR can manufacture it, whether it's a new product, a specialist product created to order, a substitute for an outdated membrane element, or a tailored component individually suited to fit your specific demand.



  • 4" & 8" Sizes Available
  • BWRO Membranes
  • SWRO Membranes
  • Nanofiltration Elements
  • High Rejection Elements
  • Low Pressure Membranes

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a world-wide distributor of KOCH Membranes and are designed with sturdy high rejection and low fouling features for consistent and efficient operation for treating wastewater and industrial stream applications. 



RO membranes filter out the vast majority of pollutants from water, including even the tiniest monovalent ions. The RO system can remove over 99 percent of dissolved salts (ions), particulates, organics, and other contaminants from the supply water.

These components use our best membrane elements for upgrading a RO system and provide excellent solute rejection. MICRODYN RO also offers a variety of seawater membranes to meet your desalination demands.

MICRODYN RO elements are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Drop-in alternatives that effortlessly satisfy your reverse osmosis system specifications:

Standardized 4” and 8” spiral-wound MICRODYN RO membrane elements are available to suit all of systems and drop-in replacement requirements.