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Fleck Valve 3150 Control Valve

Fleck Valve 3150 Control Valve

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Dec 12th 2019

High programmability for commercial / industrial applications such as filters and softeners.


  • Leadless brass valve body for extra performance and toughness
  • Continuous operation flux of 95 GPM with 105 GPM backwash
  • Backwash capability can accommodate up to 63 "softener tanks and up to 42" diameter filters
  • Completely adjustable 3- or 5-cycle power to safely and effectively treat water 
  • Suitable for single or multiple tank systems 
  • Biological safety protection for the resistance to salt, corrosion and UV stability 
  • Time-tested, hydraulically equilibrated operation and regeneration piston 
  • Rugged electromechanical timer built with 3/8 "wide heavy duty plastic gears

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