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Pure Aqua, Inc. : Headquarters in Santa Ana, CA, USA

9000 reverse osmosis water treatment systems completed by pure aqua inc

#1 Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment Company (Manufacturer) Worldwide

Pure Aqua, Inc. as a reverse osmosis company began as a vision in the early 2000′s to provide efficient, high grade water treatment solutions for people and places all over the world. From it’s humble beginnings as a one man engineer shop to today's full factory with a team of top engineers, sales and support staff that vision has remained the same.

Our water treatment company started in 2001 in Irvine California in a small warehouse where the first systems were made by Pure Aqua, Inc. Steadily the demand mainland and overseas began to grow and a budding market moved the company to their current headquarters in Santa Ana California. Now nearly a decade and a half later, the company has designed and built well over 9,000 systems for over 3,000 premium clients in over 200 country worldwide that purify enough water to supply over 200M GPD purified water for decades!

A reverse osmosis manufacturer that has always prided itself on using top of the line components from Dow, Hydranautics, Toray, Grundfos and many more. A company that has consistently embraced ethical business practices at every point in the design, build and delivery, and a company that has a well-rounded, multi-lingual team of passionate people behind every facet and weld going into these industrial grade water purification systems. You know that when you choose Pure Aqua, Inc. to design and manufacture your system you’ve chosen a company that will pour years of experience and a true love for providing clean water into your new system.

A passionate and ethical spirit, knowing that water is such a precious resource around the world, is the driving force behind the quality of work they produce. From solar powered systems for west Africa that provide clean drinking water to thousands of people in need, to purifying mine water waste and aiding in dust suppression to keep the surrounding communities safe, Pure Aqua, Inc. believes that every drop of water that flows from their systems is a drop that is helping to save the world.

The final way that Pure Aqua, Inc., as a water treatment manufacturer, lends its hand in protecting resources is by building the most efficient system on the market. They use state-of-the-art components, test efficiency and design for “low footprint” usage. From containerized systems that are self sufficient and temperature moderated to solar powered systems that never need an external electricity supply, it is safe to say that Pure Aqua, Inc. is not just thinking about water but about the effects that purifying it has on other resources as well.

Pure Aqua, Inc. looks forward to the opportunity of adding you to our business family and handling your specific water purification or filtration needs no matter what they are.