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Pharmaceutical water treatment is required since applications within the drug industry are highly complex and essential in producing the medicines that save millions and millions of lives around the world. Pure Aqua's advanced reverse osmosis systems can meet any water treatment standard, and continue to do so today.

Using the latest pharmaceutical water treatment systems on the market to enhance manufacturing productivity and lower costs, without jeopardizing the security and quality of the product development. Our proficiency and experience in the pharmaceutical industry means that we can provide our clients with top-rated water purification systems. Every aspect of our services are kept on a high-quality standard to guarantee that our dedicated team of experts remain in tune with the needs of the market.

Unlike other industries, water is mainly used in liquid form (or a cleaning agent) within the pharmaceutical industry, and not only as an ingredient. We have made it imperative to produce highly distilled water and disease-free water. As our knowledge of our client’s needs grew, so did our efficiency in developing high-quality pharmaceutical water purification systems.

Video: An Optimal Water Treatment Solution for Pharmaceutical Applications

The shortage of minerals in your water should not worry you, since all you have to do is take a couple vitamins. But the high amount of chemicals, radioactive minerals, and pharmaceuticals in your drinking water should keep you up at night. As conventional pharmaceutical water treatment processes have proved to be largely ineffective in decontaminating pharmaceutical contamination from drinking water, reverse osmosis systems have become the primary purification system used for this process. Reverse osmosis has shown to be the only water purification system that can eliminate virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants.

Our pharmaceutical reverse osmosis systems features an optional dual probe comparative monitor, which specifically analyzes the membrane’s performance and notifies us when the membrane is ready to be displaced. This accurate level of assessment regarding the monitoring of your rejection water quality will leave you satisfied at the touch of a button.

Ultimately, there is no all-purpose solution for answering the various water plant demands in the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, Pure Aqua operates closely with our clients to formulate the correct solution in order to meet specific pharmaceutical reverse osmosis requirements. Our selection of TOC analyzers and devices deliver those who produce pharmaceuticals, personal care products, healthcare instruments, enzymes, and etc.

With these explanations and our knowledge of your industry and business challenges, Pure Aqua can:
  • Increase performance and lower cost
  • Guarantee excellence and an agreement with manufacturing
  • Deliver correct and definite measurements
  • Confirm cleaning for precise and fast verification of process controls
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