AquaMatic Control Valves

AquaMatic Control Valves

Pure Aqua is deeply committed to producing our customer base with complete satisfaction with our fine selection of first-rate Aquamatic valves. Our reputation as trusted suppliers of high quality control valves has been brought by long-term relationships that have resulted in successful operation expansions and diversification. We strive to provide products with unmatched productivity and to guarantee that these Aquamatic valves and controllers are manufactured and distributed with the highest of quality standards.

AquaMatic K53 Composite Valve


  • AquaMatic Valve K52
  • AquaMatic Valve K53
  • Easy Nest Kits
  • AquaMatic Valve K55
  • ½" up to 3" Y pattern valves
  • Normally Open or closed
AquaMatic V46 Stainless Steel Valve


  • AquaMatic Valve V42
  • AquaMatic Valve VAV
  • Cast Iron, Brass or SS
  • AquaMatic Valve V46
  • ¾" up to 6" Y valves
  • Easy Nest Kits
AquaMatic Stagers


  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Optional Output Switches
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • NEMA-rated Enclosure

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of AquaMatic Control Valves for water softeners, water filters, or practically any system using a valve nest. These easy, strong controls could be stagers, simple timers, flow meters or user-operated buttons.

Pure Aqua, Inc. is committed to supplying the same genuine AquaMatic diaphragm valves and stager products and services to customers and distributors that they have been accustomed to with Pentair. We can supply glass-filled thermoplastic body from ½" to 3", while the cast iron AquaMatic valves are between ½" to 6".

AquaMatic 962 stager control provides an easily adaptable control of stagers for diaphragm valve nests. This fully programmable series of controls provide the ability to fine tune the operation to meet application requirements. The AQ Matic control valves also maintain air flow within one cycle every ten minutes.

We use AquaMatic valves in our media filters and softeners: MF-1100, MF-1000, MF-600, SF-100S and SF-110F series.

AQ Matic valves are capable of being a dependable resource with minimal life-cycle cost in applications such as: