Control Valves

Water Control Valves

We have 20 years of experience as suppliers of high quality control valves that are designed with sustainable and efficient technology for water management and optimization units. Pure Aqua has distributed control valves from the leading manufactures, such as Fleck, Clack, AquaMatic, and Autotrol. 

Take a look at our comprehensive selection of water control valves down below to gain better insight on which product would be best for your specific needs.

Fleck Control Valve


  • Commercial Valves
  • Industrial Valves
  • Control Timers
  • Electromechanical
  • SXT, NXT2, XTR2
  • Timer or metered valves
Clack Control Valve


  • Commercial Valves
  • Heavy Control valves
  • Downflow
  • Upflow
  • Time clock valves
  • Metered Valves
Autotrol Control Valves


  • Light Commerical Valves
  • 268/263 PERFORMA VALVE
  • Performa Cv Control Valve
  • Universal Controller

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of water control valves that are used to control liquid motion by varying the flow passage size as directed by a controller signal. This allows for direct flow rate control and significant control of process quantities such as pressure, temperature, and liquid levels.

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Control Valves

What is Control Valve?

Control valves come in a variety of styles, from basic to complicated; a few are advanced enough to respond to pressure and temperature fluctuations instantaneously. Water control valves, regardless of their form, are intended to prevent the movement or pressure of water, and they usually respond to indications given by flow measurement or pressure gauges. Control valves can perform a variety of duties within a system, based on the type of valve utilized. The potential of a water control valve to influence the amount of energy exchange at any specific instance in a system by affecting the flow rate makes this function conceivable.

Water control valves are available in many different configurations and models depending on the application of our customers. Each control valve is made of high quality components and each valve is tailored for our customers specific water needs. Control valves offered by Pure Aqua are fully adjustable, easy to program, easy to install and need minimal maintenance making Pure Aqua’s line of water control valves a must have. Whether it is a filter valve or softener valve, whether it is a metered valve or timer valve we have it covered.
Control valves are extremely important in protecting the scarce water resources around the world. Control valves can help maintain enough water for our ever-growing population through reducing water losses and securing productive water provisional management. This can be accomplished by preserving specific water flows, pressure, and levels, irregardless of alterations in the water supply. 

The Ramifications of Scarce Water Resources
The environment has seen massive amounts of damages as a result of significant losses in available water. The energy used to purify and supply these lost water sources are also squandered.  

In regards to water applications, the water that has been generated but made worthless before it becomes available to the public through misused or embezzlement is a source of unwanted cost.

Benefits of Water Control Valves

Methodical pressure and flow management can be obtained through the usage of a water control valve. A water control valve allows system personnel to easily depressurize an usable pipe and swap fittings. They're also employed in a lot of homes to lower the quantity of water utilized without affecting the system's general function. Control valves are often noted for excellent dependability and with an extensive operating lifetime and are designed to be less susceptible to clogging. Other known benefits are:

  • Decrease in interference to the customers
  • Less likelihood of contamination
  • Minimized leaks which reduces water loss
  • Low risk of pipe and water hammer damages
  • Great savings for water companies