Marshall Islands

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Marshall Islands


The Marshall Islands two archipelagic island chains of 29 atolls, each made up of many small islets, and five single islands in the North Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and Australia. Just over 68,000 people live on the Marshall Islands.
The two archipelagic island chains are western Ralik, or "sunset" chain (from Eniwetok to Ebon), and the eastern Ratak, or "sunrise" chain (Taongi and Rongelap to Mili). The Marshall Islands are all low coral limestone atolls and carbonate sand islands, with a maximum elevation of 10 meters (m) on the island of Likiep. Although the archipelago consists of 30 atolls and more than 1,000 islands, and extends for roughly 1,300 km from east to west and 1,150 km north to south,

The World Bank reports that at least 80 countries have water shortages and 2 billion people lack access to clean water. More disturbingly, the World Health Organization has reported that 1 billion people lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs, unfortunately in many countries water is scarce or contaminated.

Pure Aqua provides wide range of filtration and economical solutions based on the Marshall Islands' water resources.

Marshall Islands' main water resources are:

Pure Aqua manufactures water treatment systems that meet the World Health Organization requirements.

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Completed Water Purification Projects for Marshall Islands: