Containerized Equipment

Containerized/Mobile Water Treatment Equipment

Pure Aqua designs containerized equipment through collaborative solutions that help facilitates the process. Mobility, durability, and protection are all important features that we make sure to incorporate within our mobile water treatment systems, which also helps reduce long-term costs. 

Quick delivery and many other solutions oriented on increasing safety and convenience have separated our containerized equipment from the competition.  Read the following information to gain a better idea on what our users receive from us:

Take the difficulty out of large-scale reverse osmosis plants with containerized water treatment systems. By choosing pre-designed, module-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers with the option for a 10-ft as well, the complexity and construction of building water purification systems are no longer necessary. Containerized water treatment systems are shipped out to where the potable water is needed. With a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to monitor the systems to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery.

Benefits of our containerized equipment:

  • Engineered to reduce overall project costs, including labor related fees
  • Reduction in downtime and operational costs due to backup equipment
  • Greater productivity and less project management issues
  • No uncertainty as a result of fast and guaranteed delivery
  • Safe and easy installation
  • Structurally sound units, with 100% safety
CRO Mobile Reverse Osmosis System

Daily Capacity Range:
380 to 2M GPD
(1.4 to 7,570 M³/day)

  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft Containers
  • Insulated & Non Insulated Containers
  • Air Conditioning/Heater Unit
CWT Mobile Water Treatment System

Service Flow Rates:
1.9 to 806 GPM
(0.6 to 183 M³/hr)

  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft Containers
  • Insulated & Non Insulated Containers
  • Air Conditioning/Heater Unit
CUF Mobile Ultrafiltration System

Daily Capacity Range:
10,000 to 1,037,000 GPD
(38 to 3,928 M³/day)

  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft Containers
  • Insulated & Non Insulated Containers
  • Air Conditioning/Heater Unit

Pure Aqua has over two decades of experience as a top-rated supplier of containerized water treatment equipment for various applications in this industry. Our team delivers a wide selection of different water treatment systems that are converted into mobile units to meet your industrial and commercial needs. Check out our comprehensive list of containerized equipment up above to see which unit best fits your needs.


These plants typically include:

  • Interconnecting piping between components and systems
  • Cabling and wiring of instrumentation inside the container to main control cabinet
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • General Arrangement 3D/2D CAD drawings

Temperature ("Hot/Cold" Containers)

In hot climate areas - electrical devices and fluids must be kept below 35ºC to ensure good process performance. The temperature inside a container placed under direct sunlight can easily reach 80ºC. Therefore, we offer air-cooled insulated containers with an external sunlight rejection coating.

In cold climate area - fluids must be kept above their freezing points and electrical equipment suffers at temperatures below 5ºC. In this case, we offer insulated containers with heating equipment to solve this issue.

What is containerized water treatment plant? Containerized water treatment systems have a number of key advantages over built-in plant space installations:

  • Short installation process
  • Compact foot prints
  • Simple transportation
  • Mobile which is convenient for construction locations 

Where are containerized water treatment systems used?

Whether your application is drinking, process, or waste water. An on site containerized water or wastewater treatment system is more practical and cost effective instead of buying treated water or discharging the wastewater to water treatment facilities to remove harmful contaminants from the water. Here are some industries that employ the most use of containerized water treatment systems:

What is mobile water treatment plant?

Mobile water treatment and purification plants are designed to cover emergency, temporary solutions such as construction sites or long-term water treatment requirements. These mobile systems are installed inside a seaworthy 20 or 40 ft containers or in combination to form complete systems with advanced water treatment and purification technologies. Those mobile treatment containers units come with insulation, diamond flooring, LED lighting, climate control and service hatches. Our mobile or containerized solutions use brackish or seawater reverse osmosis, ion exchange, ultrafiltration systems, multimedia filtration, and MBR technologies, delivered through ocean or inland by trailers.

Benefits of mobile water treatment systems

An advantageous aspect of containerized solutions is its function as a mobile water treatment system for different sites once a task is completed. These systems are made to be flexible and durable for use in any setting, and come equipped with many options. Some of the aspects that our mobile water treatment systems are designed to address include:

  • Treating water from any source
  • Seasonal changes in water
  • Quick delivery
  • Changes in quality of processed water
  • Temporary use until a stable system is in use