Toray Membranes

Toray Membranes

Toray membranes have remained as one of the premier membrane filtration products in the market for over 4 decades. The extensive service and shelf life of these membranes have helped elevate their status among other membrane brands. With the incorporation of pre filtration in your RO system, you can expect maximum performance for more than 5 years.

Contaminants are rejected by highly advanced thin film composite membranes which ensure the production of extremely pure water from your RO system. An informative manual that provides detailed instructions on how to use and change your membranes.

Other features include:

  • Used widely within every standard type RO system
  • More than 98% rejection
  • Simple to maintain and replace
  • Minimal expense with high rejection capabilities
  • One year warranty, full customer satisfaction

Toray Seawater RO Membranes


  • 4" & 8" Sizes Available
  • Enhanced Rejection
  • High Recovery
  • Reduced Fouling Potential
  • High Flux RO Elements
  • Super Low Pressure

Toray Seawater RO Membranes


  • 4" & 8" Sizes Available
  • Enhanced Rejection
  • High Recovery
  • Reduced Fouling Potential
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Super Low Pressure
Toray Ultrafiltration Membranes


  • Quality Drinking Water
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • RO Pretreatment
  • Wastewater Recycling
  • Modular Elements
  • Eliminates TSS
Toray Specialty RO Membranes


  • FDA Compliant
  • Heat Sanitizable Models
  • Dairy Nano/Ultrafiltration
  • RO, NF, & UF Models
  • Microfiltration Models
  • Increased Efficiency

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global supplier of Toray Membranes that are designed for the purposes of treating water for a variety of applications such as drinking water production, reverse osmosis pretreatment, seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and more. 

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Toray Membranes

Toray reverse osmosis membrane products are functional membrane elements with excellent quality and high performance.

Toray products are high rejection and high flux RO elements that have been meeting the high level requirements of our customers in many applications including:

Ultrapure water production for semiconductor and other industries

Toray membrane products are manufactured in three locations allowing for convenient global distribution. Toray’s manufacturing plants in Ehime Japan, TBMC in China, and TMUS in US are all certified for both ISO9001 and ISO14001. Also, TMUS the plant has achieved the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certificate for their low-pressure brackish products.

Toray manufactures RO elements using second-generation automated rolling equipment developed by Toray Industries. The automatic winding of spiral wound elements provides a more durable, higher membrane surface area product versus traditional hand rolled elements. The RO elements manufactured are dimensionally compatible with all major membrane manufacturers providing easy upgrade and retrofit opportunities. The high quality (high rejection, high flow characteristics) of Toray's products make them ideally suited for use in applications such as municipal drinking water, seawater desalination and the production of ultra-pure water for the semiconductor and power industries.


  • Cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide composite membrane
  • Cross-linked polypiperazine polyamide composite membrane
  • Cellulose acetate membrane


  • High rejection TM700 series, for high salinity brackish water applications
  • Ultra low pressure TMH and TMG series for low salinity brackish water applications
  • High rejection TM800 series, for sea water applications
  • High pressure & rejection TM800H series, for high salinity sea water applications
  • Commercial & household 2" to 4" tap water elements

Features and Quality of Toray Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

  • High rejection and high flux membrane- Both high rejection and high flux membranes are developed with Toray's extensive experience in polymer chemistry.
  • Choice in membrane material- Two types of membrane materials are available: thin film composite (TM and SU series) and cellulose acetate (SC series). Both membrane types are manufactured by Toray for use in a wide range of water treatment applications.
  • Used in many applications- With such a broad range of products such as high salt rejection or ultra-low pressure elements, the optimum element can be selected for any application ranging from ultrapure process water to seawater desalination.
  • Experience- Toray was the first manufacturer of reverse osmosis membrane elements in Japan and has 25 years of experience in the application of numerous processes around the globe.
  • Complete service and support- Toray has established a complete service system to assist customers based on their extensive experience and technical data accumulated through many years and a variety of applications. Should any problem occur, appropriate technical support is readily available worldwide.

Toray's Japanese membrane manufacturing factory has ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certification from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization. Their U.S. manufacturing facility has received NSF inspection and certification on a number of products manufactured there.