Toray HFU-B2315AN Membrane

Product Description

Toray's HFU-B2315AN pressurized hollow-fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module applies advanced PVDF membrane chemistry and thermallyinduced phase separation (TIPS) spinning method that carefully controls the pore size and evenly distributes the number of pores on the membrane surface. The result is a hollow-fiber membrane with fine separation of viruses, bacteria, and suspended solids, low fouling, and high permeability all to help optimize and extend plant performance.

Table 1: Membrane Properties
Membrane material PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)
Nominal pore size μm 0.01
Table 2: Cleaning Limits
Cleaning pH Range 0-12
Maximum cleaning temperature 40°C (104°F)
Maximum concentration of NaClO cleaning as Cl2 3,000 mg/L (10 ≤ pH ≤ 12)
Maximum NaClO exposure (lifetime contact time) as Cl2 1,000,000 mg/L hours
Maximum acid exposure contact time 1,000 hours (pH < 1)
Table 3: Module Specifications
Module Part Number HFU-B2315AN
Outer Membrane Surface Area ft2 (m2) 646 (60)


Diameter in (mm)

7.01 (178)

Length ft (mm)

7.651 (2,332)


lbs (kg)

Full of water

143 (65)

After draining

77 (35)


Casing / Protective Cylinder

PVC and/or equivalent


Epoxy and/or equivalent

Operating Conditions

Filtration method

Outside to inside, dead end

Maximum inlet pressure psi (kPa)

43.5 (300)

Maximum trans-membrane pressure (TMP) psi (kPa)

43.5 (300)

Normal operating TMP psi (kPa)

< 29.0 (< 200)

Operating temperature range

32–104°F (0–40°C)

Operating pH range


  • Tightest pore size (0.01 μm) in the industry
  • High mechanical tensile strength of hollow-fiber for minimal fiber breakage
  • Chemically-tolerant for operational longevity
  • High packing density (60 m2) per module allows for compact system design and room for future expansion
  • Technical support and expertise within your reach



  • Drinking Water Produciton
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Seawater Desalination (for RO pretreatment)
  • Waste Tertiary Treatment
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