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Pure Aqua Inc., a desalination company, is a leader in the supply of packaged/skidded desalination systems using reverse osmosis. The company works closely with membrane manufacturers to design, build, test and deliver custom desalination systems. Depending on the location (salinity and temperature) and cost of energy, Pure Aqua provides the most cost effective solutions by selecting the optimal energy recovery device and materials of construction (grade of stainless steel). Pure Aqua sells value by focusing on the life cycle cost. Since seawater requires additional pressure, the technology used to pump it also needs an increase of strength through the use of much larger pumps. Furthermore, seawater tends to be extremely caustic, which necessitates materials of development for sea water units to be non-caustic. These factors drive up the cost of seawater units by a considerable margin.

Our marine water treatment systems employed for the oceanic market include:


As fresh water supplies become increasingly scarce and/or contaminated, there is a reliance on desalination to provide the quantity of water demanded. Reverse Osmosis technology utilizes the unlimited supply of seawater.


The Pure Aqua team has decades of experience in the membrane industry alone, with marine water treatment systems running in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. We have a broad range of commercial and industrial standard products; these seawater RO systems are customizable and cover flows up to 1,900 m³/day.  The modular design allows us to provide desalination solutions up to 10,000 m³/day.

Desalination is a popular process which turns unusable salt water into fresh water for industries such as:
  • Municipalities
  • Armed services
  • Marine industry
  • Resorts
  • Off-shore platforms
  • Yachts

One of the largest concerns with seawater desalination is the presence of heavy metals in seawater. These metals tend to vary by location, and can destroy the membranes in a reverse osmosis system if left unchecked. A Pretreatment System from Pure Aqua can protect your marine water treatment system from these heavy metals and preserve its lifespan.

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Can Marine Desalination Systems Produce Drinking Water?

One-third of the world is considered water-stressed, meaning they are vulnerable to dehydration and even death due to a lack of freshwater drinking supplies. However, more than forty percent of the world’s population lives near the coast which gives them instant access to seawater. Seawater filtration companies are realizing this fact and have increased efforts to produce better performing marine desalination systems that work to convert seawater into fresh drinking water. 

Marine desalination systems are highly effective treatment methods for the production of fresh drinking water through the utilization of reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis process works by utilizing high-pressure pumps to force seawater through a semipermeable RO membrane that consists of small pores, which prevents the salt and minerals from passing along through the system with the product water. What comes out at the end is a finished product water that has been separated from its high concentration of salt, and is now capable of being consumed.

Marine desalination systems are a needed water treatment solution for ships that spend a great deal of time out at sea. Without these tools then crew members on these ships will have no real means to produce fresh water for drinking purposes, including, showering, cleaning, washing, and other necessary applications. If you are in need of advanced marine desalination systems then take a look at our selection of filters that are designed to use for seawater filtration. These systems are built with the latest technology in water treatment and have made extraordinary results in converting seawater into fresh drinking water with great cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, and low maintenance required.

Desalination System Solutions

With these factors in mind, reverse osmosis can be an ideal solution for seaside locales and drought-ridden regions alike, as a more effective alternative to other traditional methods of desalination. Our SWRO are devised for industrial and commercial applications where there consists of a premium floor space. The components within all major systems are enclosed by a well-built tubular stainless steel frame, constructed for long-lasting durability and ease of accessibility to all elements. Customers will find our SWRO desalination systems very user-friendly once equipped with the mechanisms and instrument panels needed for long-term operational utilization. In fact, a reverse osmosis system consumes up to 30% less energy than a vacuum desalination system of the same size. RO systems are also much more portable, able to be taken on and off-shore or used in ships of any size with more convenience than a vacuum system. Higher purities can also be easily achieved with the correct Pretreatment System.  It is truly one of the best systems for removing saline from sea water and addressing our growing energy needs.

Our RO systems are designed for:
  • Water filtration
  • Harbors
  • Seashores
  • Waterfronts
  • Tourist resorts
  • Commercials
  • Emergency seawater purification
  • Vacation homes 
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Completed Water Treatment Projects: