Costa Rica

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a Central American nation lof four-and-a-half million people ocated between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Its eastern coast fronts the Caribbean Sea while its western coast fronts the Pacific Ocean.

Its main environmental issues include:

deforestation and land use change, largely a result of the clearing of land for cattle ranching and agriculture;
  • Soil erosion;
  • Coastal marine pollution;
  • Fisheries protection;
  • Solid waste management; and
  • Air pollution.
  • It is also susceptible to occasional earthquakes, hurricanes along Atlantic coast; frequent flooding of lowlands at onset of rainy season and landslides; and, active volcanoes.
Four volcanoes, two of them active, rise near the capital of San Jose in the center of the country. One of the volcanoes, Irazu, erupted destructively in 1963-65.

The World Bank reports that at least 80 countries have water shortages and 2 billion people lack access to clean water. More disturbingly, the World Health Organization has reported that 1 billion people lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs, unfortunately in many countries water is scarce or contaminated.

Pure Aqua provides wide range of filtration and economical solutions based on the Costa Rica’s water resources.

Costa Rica’s main water resources are:

Pure Aqua manufactures water treatment systems that meet the World Health Organization requirements.

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of B2B water treatment solutions for a variety of applications and industries, we offer a large selection of all types of reverse osmosis and water treatment systems to meet your industrial needs. Pure Aqua’s extensive global experience in engineering and manufacturing allows us to pre-engineer and customize water treatment and reverse osmosis systems to meet a wide range of customer requirements and specifications.

Completed Water Purification Projects for Costa Rica: