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Pure Aqua, Inc. Distributorship Request

We highly appreciate your interest in our products. Pure Aqua, Inc. is a global leader in water treatment and reverse osmosis for industrial and commercial applications, and we have a worldwide distribution network through which we have earned an industry-wide reputation for high quality and superior performance. Once we receive your details, our management will call you to discuss further details.

We want to ensure you that our sales team is ready to assist you with any inquiries you might have concerning anything from specific projects, quoted prices, or interests in becoming a distributor/dealer. The benefits provided by becoming a Pure Aqua dealer includes: 

  • Gain access to - Patented items that include handbooks and illustrations, active assistance from our professional team of experts and access to a professional tool library. 
  • Exclusivity - Certain areas have exclusive domains which are available. 
  • Branding - Promotional use of marketing and branding resources by Pure Aqua such as logo, posters, advertising brochures, sales sheets, and engineering kits.
  • Referrals - Distributor receives sales leads and customer referrals from Pure Aqua's database. 
  • Expertise - Expert guidance in relevant technological, marketing and company development (webinars and seminars).
  • Technical Support - Offer additional access to specialized items, including instruction books and designs, committed assistance from our team of water treatment experts and access to a comprehensive library of technical resources.  
  • International Logistics - Expertise in international logistics and transport to facilitate any and every distribution of consignments. 
  • Discounted Price - Pricing reduction to boost productivity and efficiency. 
  • Business Growth - Support in improving business strategies and tactics to ensure a higher share in the market. 
  • Engagement - Dedicated support for the long term.
Please send your information in details to:

Please feel free to contact us via email, phone call, or sending us a quote by filling out the form below. You also have the option to submit additional information through documents within the form. We look forward to getting in touch with you soon. 

Click here to download BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR form.