Autotrol Control Valves

Autotrol Control Valves

Pure Aqua supplies Autocontrol valves which improve the work functioning of water purification systems and water softeners. These control valves manage the flow rate of water with the purpose of controlling regeneration cycles.

At Pure Aqua, we pride in our selection of Autotrol control valves for your business operation due to their dependability, longevity and quality design, including consistency in producing purified water. 

Autotrol Commercial Valves


  • Light Commercial valves
  • Performa Cv Control Valve
  • 268/263 PERFORMA VALVE
  • Universal controller
Autotrol Industrial Valves



Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of he full range of Autotrol Control Valves, controls and accessories include the innovative functionality that end-users are looking for, and the durability and value that dealers need.

Engineered to outperform other brands in performance and service life. Built with the business professional in mind – fast installation and quicker service calls increase profit. Multiple controller options available at a variety of price points. Noryl®, the thermoplastic resin developed by PENTAIR, provides exceptional corrosion resistance and precision-fit components. Reliability and convenience from the company most recognized for innovative products.

The industry innovator in driving new designs to market. Always refining current technologies for maximum market impact. Almost a half century of experience in residential water conditioning equipment, focusing on independent water treatment professionals.

Autotrol is one of for major control valve brands produced in the world.

Its comprehensive portfolio of composite valves, controls, and attachments provides end-users with innovative functionality while also providing dealers with the dependability and value they demand.

Autotrol valves are used in a variety of applications, including softening and purification for industrial and commercial industries, making it a preferred name among water filtration specialists worldwide.


The operating idea of Autotrol valves is that flappers are driven by a camshaft. Secure and reliable seals, no wearable elements inside the valve, simple maintenance, significantly longer intervals, and a longer life cycle are all advantages.


Autotrol's approach has continually led to improvements in the original concept of our foundation as well as the strategies for applying it to your needs.


With our controllers, we can now create unique software that is exactly suited to all of our clients' needs.