Hach Instruments

Hach Instruments

Hach Instruments have made the process of water testing much simpler and effective by supplying well-made kits throughout many local stores. These instruments are user-friendly and have become the driving force behind improving the productivity of modern water analysis tests. Dyes, and other parameters (scientists, municipal professionals) are utilized in the tests and need chemical expertise to remedy to enhance the process.

HACH SP510 Hardness Monitor


  • Continuous hardness detection
  • Making water softening systems cost-efficient
  • Simple to read and use
  • Low maintenance requirements

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Hach Instruments. These components are intended to make your water assessment easier to analyze, including providing simple to use products better, faster and more insightful.

Hach delivers a variety of kits, from simple and singular variable color indicators to all-inclusive transferable test centers with cutting-edge instrument technology in order to achieve quick, and precise results in the laboratory. Hach tests are utilized in most related applications that involve wastewater, boiler feed water, drinking water, potable water, etc. These tests are provided with all the necessities required to begin testing and incorporates the needed apparatus and a complete set of reagents.