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There are hundreds of organizations throughout the world that exist for the purpose of providing aid to victims of natural disaster strikes. Food and water provisions are the biggest necessities for survivors. These humanitarian organizations require sufficient energy, mobility, clean water, and dependable disaster relief water purification systems that can absorb seawater. Pure Aqua has designed thousands of disaster relief water purification systems such as reverse osmosis systems that operate around the world every day to provide potable water solutions.

Reverse osmosis systems deliver useful, power-conserving means of serving clean water to those who greatly need it. These scenarios routinely become a matter of life and death when you consider the maximum number of people in your community who no longer have access to clean water due to a natural disaster. In the case that your community holds 20,000 residents then you will have to calculate your requirements if you needed to provide for every resident.

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The perks that come with reverse osmosis systems are substantial. Pure Aqua’s seawater desalination system, which is an industry standard, turns polluted (or salty) water into filter water, fit to drink. Below are some essential system advantages:

  • Compatible with nearly any water source, including the oceans, lakes, rivers, and wells.
  • Items come fully wrapped, downsizing the volume of installation work that needs to be performed in the field.
  • There are grouping alternative for hazardous areas.
  • Backups are freely available, enabling fast repairs and planning for high-demand times.
  • Customizable system designs which allow municipalities to create a program that best fits their needs.
  • Alternating system abilities are available in both gallons and cubic meters per day.

Organizations like AWWA (The American Water Works Association) establish standards of water equipment as it relates to emergency preparedness for large companies and utilities alike. These standards are internationally recognized as a necessity for disaster relief water purification systems. Pure Aqua strives to meet any purification or structural standard you may have.

Some of our utilizations consist within:
  1. Medical Facilities
  2. School districts
  3. Orphanages
  4. Fire & emergency assistance
  5. Preparation For disasters and emergencies
  6. Drilling companies
  7. Boiling water signals
  8. Foster homes
  9. Shelter camps
  10. Remote villages

Preparation is the only way to ensure the safety of the people who inhabit your city, region, or town before a disaster strikes. In the event of a sudden natural disaster in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, or floods, you will need the backing of a dependable reverse osmosis system for water treatment.

Do not mistaken the size of the disaster as its actual threat level. Small-scale natural disasters such as summer rainstorms, can also create power shortages that harm the populace’s ability to pump water from a well. A separate source for purified drinking water is the only foolproof remedy in keeping communities safe, even smaller-scale events, such as summer rainstorms, can lead to power outages that impact a citizen’s ability to pump water from a well. An alternative source of clean drinking water is the first step in keeping communities functional and thriving at all times.

Despite this importance, it is also necessary to consider realistic characteristics such as water purification measures. A single one of Pure Aqua’s 20ft containerized reverse osmosis system can produce 20,000 gallons per day from seawater. When the water source is coming from a river/surface water then the number climbs to 60,000 gallons per day. This efficiency in output capacity makes our RO systems a pillar in commercial and industrial water treatment systems and desalination plants. The same attributes make these systems ideal for refining municipal water for disaster relief. Only one of these units are needed to manufacture enough pure drinking water for dozens of communities.

For more information on the kind of disaster relief water purification systems you need to meet these standards, call Pure Aqua today.

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