Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems 30X 3,000 GPD - Sri Lanka

Product Description

Application: Drinking Water for Small Communities (RO package with pre and post treatment)

This is model TW-3.0K-340 from our RO-200 Series.

  • High Pressure Pump
  • Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040 Membranes
  • FRP Pressure Vessels
  • Pre-Filter Housing with 5 Micron Cartridges
  • Reject and Product Flow Meters
  • Pre and Post Pressure Gauges
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Inlet SS 316 Solenoid Valve
  • Factory Tested for Reliability and Designed to Work Seamlessly
  • Replacement Parts and Expert Advisors are always Close at Hand
  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance
  • Longer Membrane Life


Water Challenges: As part of our project’s objective in Sri Lanka, producing fresh & potable drinking water through our custom-engineered RO packages with pre and post treatment has been needed by the population. Polluted water from compromised water bodies such as seawater have been interjected with our system, demanding treatment of the contaminated water source before discharge on-site. Pure Aqua’s RO packages are designed to provide drinking water for small communities with cost-effective and dependable solutions.



Applied Solution: Reverse osmosis machines are tasked with purifying water from water sources such as lakes, rivers, well, and even the sea. These machines utilize a high-pressure pump that pressurizes brackish or sea water against the surface of a semi-permeable membrane containing small pores. 30 units of 3,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems with Multi Media Filters, Activated Carbon Filter and Chemical Dosing. They will primarily be used to treat dirty well water across villages in Sri Lanka.



Commercial reverse osmosis systems are designed with unique features to treat dirty well water across villages in Sri Lanka.




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    Price is great.

    Posted by Joseph I. on Nov 16th 2019

    Price is great. Even if you factor in the freight cost to Sri Lanka it is still better that the competition.

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