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Pure Aqua, Inc.’s core business is water treatment and has a number of products for the Power & Energy industry. Our products aim to assist in the optimization of power plants through reducing overall capital costs, producing greater efficiency in power plants through first-rate pre-treatment filtration, reverse osmosis, conventional ion exchange and electrodeionization systems. Pure Aqua prioritizes developing water treatment systems while also securing the highest economic value. Our team will conduct a diagnosis to ascertain any efficiencies that are occurring in your water treatment system to help you save on finances and operating costs. Whether that is boiler feed, condensate polishing or cooling water treatment system. As a complete system integrator, Pure Aqua has a wide range of solutions for the varied sources of water and different types of contaminants associated with power and energy water treatment systems.


Boiler Feed Water (sometimes referred to as ultrapure water) is water that needs to be as close to absolute purity as possible for the purpose of heat absorption. Depending on the boiler pressure, treated water may range from simple ion exchange, to advanced double pass reverse osmosis system, followed by electrodeionization. Feeding low quality water into a boiler can cause significant and sometimes serious problems if not detected and corrected immediately. Pure Aqua engineers can assist in evaluating the required system for your boiler feed application.  

Boilers heat water to cause it to evaporate into extremely hot steam, and impurities such as minerals and gasses in water can cause this process to become less efficient, wear on the generator that takes the evaporated water, and corrosion on equipment exposed to it. Because of this, it is very important to make sure the water used in Boiler Feeds is as pure as possible.

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A reverse osmosis system from Pure Aqua can achieve that purity. When an RO system can't reach the required purity's alone, a Pure Aqua deionizing unit works best in conjunction to reach the purest thresholds of water. For high-pressure boiler applications, we recommend a double pass reverse osmosis system followed by an electrodeionization (EDI).


Because high purity water absorbs large amounts of heat, it is good for taking heat away from generators as well as bringing it to them. Many types of motors and electric generators build large amounts of heat as they operate - so much heat that they can literally destroy themselves from the inside out. Very much like the radiator in your car, high purity water prevents a generator from damaging itself by absorbing the heat and piping it away.

Condensate Polishing Systems

Condensate polishing systems are used as an effective water treatment strategy for the purposes of saving power, energy, and chemical costs. These systems are also utilized for extending the life of boiler equipment and improving performance. This is done through reducing the amount of impurities in condensate return water, which can cause damage to pricey boiler equipment. Condensate polishing systems are attached with ion exchange polishers with specifically designed resins for applications with immense heat.

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