Multimedia and Carbon Filters 85,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

Date: June 2006

Country: United States

System/Product: Multi Media and Carbon Filter

Components & Brands:
- Diaphragm valves 


Multimedia filters are designed and manufactured to rid water of suspended particles as well as remove unwanted taste, smells, or coloring. They are made up of different layers of sand and particles with the intention of grasping the smaller particles imbedded within the water. In multimedia filters materials that are light and course are usually on the top of the filter bed while particles that are heavier and finer are at the bottom.



A multi media filter followed by carbon filter to a major oil company in California, using automatic diaphragm valves. 



This is a great system when it comes to the filter operating to its full capacity. Because of the way the particles are placed in the filter, the entire filter is being used in the purification of the water.




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    Very satisfied.

    Posted by Victor L. on Jan 19th 2015

    Built-to-last and price is very reasonable. Very satisfied.

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