Engineered Solutions

Water Treatment Solutions | Engineered in USA by Pure Aqua, Inc.

For almost 2 decades, our engineers at Pure Aqua, Inc. work around the clock to innovate the most advanced technology for every single water treatment solution you can think of. All the solutions provided to meet all type of industries needs & applications.

There can be a number of different signs that signal the need for a water treatment solution such as a foul taste or odor in your water. Unwanted stains on your equipment, towels, clothes, or fixtures are other indications. The water treatment solutions that are produced from our factory are customized to deliver the most optimal solution for any water quality problem in the industrial, commercial, municipal, or residential market. 

Our comprehensive inventory of water treatment systems include parts from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers. Our clients can be assured of quick service and shipping, as well as free water monitoring and testing.

Concerns over the quality of water being used in a variety of industries stems from the significance that water plays in the processes of these applications. Industries from mining, car washing, bottling water production, and the textile industry require quality water in order to provide quality service or output. Furthermore, water treatment solutions when extended to a considerable length offer incredible consistency throughout all of these operations. Reclaiming and reusing wastewater is made possible that deliver alternatives to attaining usable water for different purposes. Ultimately, Pure Aqua delivers a comprehensive set of water purification technologies that improve the productivity of water treatment that translate into:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Wastewater treatment and ideal flow rate
  • Scaling reduction from industrial and commercial equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs and requirements
  • Long-lasting lifetime usage of water processing supplies with lower downtime
  • Greater water recovery