UV Systems for Aquaculture/Fish Hatcheries

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There are several positions in which a UV system can be installed within a fish hatchery. Ultraviolet systems are usually used as post-treatment technology, and once the water has gone through every other water purification processes. Furthermore, UV water treatment systems can be utilized in hatchery recycle areas and rearing facilities, where it has been proven to significantly reduce pathogen levels in economical fashion. This process is done through the use of UV lamps which emit high intensity rays that target, and kill any and all bacteria, parasites, and viruses that are potentially harmful to the fish. 


The world’s water sources are increasingly becoming less available and pure, while acquiring more disease related issues. Concurrently, the greater demand of fish as consumer products has necessitated the need for greater stock capacities in similar hatchery footprints.

The fish/aquaculture industry have been formulating different pathways to produce higher quality water from exhausted water sources, at the same time, attempting to counteract the loss of quantity through redistributing water systems.


The only solution for this objective is by utilizing advanced water treatment systems that work in purifying the feed water and producing ultra pure water. The requirement of extremely high quality water is needed in order to eliminate the breakout of disease due to pathogens, and steady water demands due to insufficient water from natural sources.

Recommended Systems would be:


Ultraviolet water treatment is one of the most widely used purification solutions for the production of high quality water in aquaculture applications. Pure Aqua’s UV water treatment systems are designed and manufactured in closed pipes to provide ultimate flexibility to the hatchery. Other features our UV systems include, simple installation, minimal maintenance, and maximum versatility to provide great productivity and reliable performance in any and all aquaculture applications. Our engineering team are committed to bestowing this unmatched quality and cutting-edge UV technology that is far ahead of the curve in regards to the efficiency of ultra pure water production.

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    Awesome engineering!

    Posted by John G. on Apr 11th 2018

    Pure Aqua does a very good job when it comes to engineering...they do know exactly what it needs to offer the top quality UV system for us. Thanks again folks.

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