HARMSCO Cartridges

HARMSCO Filtration Cartridges

Some of our many products include carbon filters, pool filters, industrial filters, and cartridge housings. We specialize in pre-filtration for Reverse Osmosis systems.

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Harmsco Cartridges


  • Diameter: 2 ¾"
  • Max Temperature: 140°F
  • Micron Rating: 0.35-20 micron
  • Length: 10", 20", 30" or 40"
  • Material: Polyester-Plus
  • Flow rate: 4-6 GPM

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a world-wide supplier of Harmsco Filtration Cartridges which are designed to deliver efficient filtration for all of your water quality needs. These filtration cartridges are ensured to meet all customer requirements and specifications.