Clack Control Valves

Clack Control Valves

Pure Aqua supplies Clack control valves that provide several kinds of advantageous features to businesses worldwide. These benefits include unmatched double backwash, cleaning ability, regenerative cycles, solid efficiency, dependable DC drive, simple installation, safety, and ideal service and backwash rates. These valves also come with an advanced microprocessor that has terrific access front panel options. 

Clack Commercial Valves


  • WS1 Valve
  • WS1.25 Valve
  • WS1.5 Valve
  • WS2 Valves
Clack Industrial Valves


  • WS2H Valve
  • WS3 Valve

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Clack Control valves. These valves are designed for water conditioning machinery used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are considered as some of the most dependable, easily accessible, and simplest Control Valves to operate in the market.

In 2001, after years of development and extensive field testing, Clack introduced its first line of control valves. The goal was to design a family of control valves for the water treatment professional that covered the greatest range of applications, while having the greatest commonality of parts.

Pure Aqua distributes Clack’s filtration media in different mesh sizes. Regardless of the type of water treatment required, Clack has a filtration media suitable for different needs.