Signet pH/ORP sensors

Signet pH/ORP sensors

Signet pH/ORP sensors feature the latest technologies in water treatment monitoring in order to provide all of the functions to meet various requirements. Both of our sensors incorporate an automatic recognition electrode which configures the instrument for ORP and pH operations. There is an EasyCal mechanism which makes for a straightforward push-button option, including an LED sign for visual feedback. The applications that most often utilize these sensor electronics are within the water & wastewater treatment industry, along with surface finishing, neutralizing systems, untreated effluent monitoring, etc.

Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes


  • Low Conductivity Sensor
  • ¾” NPT or ISO 7/1-R 3/4
  • Quick Temperature Response
  • Mounts in Signet Standard
Signet 2734-2736 pH/ORP Electrodes


  • Patented DryLoc connector
  • Installation at any angle
  • Memory chip
  • Chemical compatibility

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Signet pH/ORP sensors. These sensors are suitable for electrode attachment and removal even when under process pressure without requiring to close down process.

The pH/ORP sensors are designed by Signet with specialized foul-proof connectors and also incorporates an electrode design. The service life of these instruments is extended, along with the chemical resistance and overall effectiveness through the construction of a salt bridge, durable and large area structure, and reference electrode. There is a wide range of applications that suitable for use as a result of the advanced features provided by the Signet pH/ORP sensors.