Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes

Product Description

Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes are multi-purpose sensor instruments that capable of being utilized across all sorts of applications. The advanced features incorporated in these products are fouling-resistant and are sure to elevate the overall efficiency and durability of the system. Resistance to corrosion under harsh environments further makes these instruments adaptable to specific utilizations that other related items could not operate in. 


Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes Specifications:

Performance Efficiency >97% @ 25 °C (77 ° F)
Operating Range pH 0 to 14 pH



ORP ±2000 mV
3-2726-LC Low conductivity fluids; 20 - 100 µS/cm nominal < 20 µS; flow must be less than 150 ml/min in a properly grounded system
3-2724-HF, 3-2726-HF Hydrofluoric acid resistant glass, pH 6 or below; trace HF <2%
  2751 Smart Sensor Electronics (for 8900, 9900, 9950, 4 to 20 mA or Profi bus Concentrator), 2760 Preamplifier
Temperature Sensor
  Pt1000 versions Compatible with Signet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics for connection to a PLC or to the Signet 8900, 9900 or 9950 instruments
3 KO Balco versions Compatible with Signet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics or with Signet 2760 pH/ORP Preamplifier for connection to the Signet 8750 pH/ORP Transmitter
Process Connection
  ¾ in. NPT    ISO 7/1-R 3/4 Mounts into Signet fittings



  • Patented reference design for exceptional performance and prolonged life in harsh environments Memory chip enabled for access to a wide range of unique features when connected to theSignet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics
  • Ryton® (PPS) body for broad range of chemical compatibility
  • Patented DryLoc® connector with gold plated contacts
  • Special design allows for installation at any angle, even inverted or horizontal
  • ¾” NPT or ISO 7/1-R 3/4 threaded sensors for use with reducing tees DN15 to DN100 (½ to 4 in.)
  • Mounts in Signet standard fittings from DN15 to DN100 (½ to 4 in.)
  • Quick temperature response
  • Bulb and flat HF resistant glass available for trace HF, in less than 2% concentration applications
  • Low conductivity sensor available for liquids down to 20 µS/cm


  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Neutralization Systems
  • Scrubber Control
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Sanitization Systems
  • Pool and Spa Control
  • Aquatic Animal Life Support Systems
  • Process Control
  • Cooling Towers  



Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes Data Sheet


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