Twin Alternating Water Softeners 20-40 GPM | Philippines

Product Description

This project includes the fabrication of four twin alternating water softeners going to the Philippines. The flow rates average to about 20-40 GPM on each respective model. The tank sizes are between 16-24 inches.

Custom-Made Features:

- 9000 & 9500 Fleck Control Valves

- NSF Grade Ion Exchange Resin

- Brine Tank for Regeneration

- Minimal Maintenance

- Strictly High-Quality Components Used


Water Challenges: Where the water is extremely onerous, Laundry applications are forced to use water treatment systems like water softeners to scale back the hardness of the water from damaging clothes, equipment and different materials. Water that contains a high degree of hardness provides very little risks to health however is an enormous nuisance and is capable of shortening the lifetime of garments and materials. Hard water is additionally the cause for scale buildup in alternative situations such as fixtures, pipes, water heaters, and cut back the potency of detergents and soaps.



Applied Solution: Water softeners treat the water by removing hardness using resin. The resin replaces the hardness in the water with salt which is regenerated periodically. The softened water can then pass through an RO system to remove the salt without the risk of scaling. Softeners can be used in a variety of services including: industrial, municipal, and institutional applications. The removal of hardness from drinking water was the primary goal of this project, and was completed through the usage of water softeners. 



  • NSF Interior Coating
  • Fleck 9000 & 9500 valves with meter option
  • High Exchange capacity Resin
  • Brine Tank


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  • 5
    Water softeners

    Posted by Brian D. on Dec 21st 2021

    Very efficient

  • 5
    Water softeners

    Posted by Brian D. on Dec 21st 2021

    Very efficient

  • 5
    Water softeners

    Posted by Alfredo Ê. on Dec 21st 2021

    Amazing unit, thanks :)

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