Filtration Media and Resin

Water Filtration Media And Resin

High quality water filtration media with fantastic capacity, and excellent gel-type resin that guarantee maximum reliability and performance within industrial and commercial water treatment applications. Our resin are delivered in the form of sodium with beads that do not possess chlorinated solvents. 

Our engineers have taken great measures in order to ensure that there are no issues relating to bad odor, taste, or color within the potable water.  

Clack Filtration Media


  • Anthracite & Garnet
  • Calcite & Corosex
  • AG and AG plus
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Birm & Centaur
  • Carbon & KDF
  • Greensand Plus
  • MTM & Pyrolox
Pure Aqua Filtration Media


  • Activated Carbon Media
  • Support bed media
  • Resin media

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Water Filtration Media And Resin. These media filtration tools are a game changer in offering the highest quality filtration for a wide range of applications. 

Media filtration is a big player in the water treatment game and Pure Aqua is here to play. With stocking quantities on hand and technical sales representatives to take your call, Pure Aqua is your number one place for all of your media filtration needs. Only the highest quality media from Clack is used and supplied for our customers providing the customer superior filtration for most applications. With many types of media and resin offered you are sure to find the best fit for your water demands.

Introduction To Water Filter Media

Water filter media is vitally important for any filtration system. The specific type of toxin that exists in your water source can aid users in ascertaining which water filtration component is most advantageous. Pure Aqua provides an extensive range of water filter media, such as sand, anthracite, garnet, activated carbons, magnesium oxide, etc. Water filter media incorporates the subsequent substances: Mixed Media, Water Softener resin, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Ultra Violet Light, Activated Carbon, KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion), Chlorine Removal Media.

There are single media filters that consist of one type of media, in most cases crushed anthracite, coal, or sand. While these were used in greater quantities in the past, progressive advancements in technology have made dual and multi-media filter filters much more effective to use. For this reason, virtually all of the filters utilized in advanced wastewater treatment applications are either dual or multimedia filtration types. 

Multi-media water filter system represent a significant improvement over single-media filters mainly as a result of being able to clarify water at a considerably higher flow rate. Additionally, these filters deliver an improved filter-bed action based on the innovative use and selection of water filter media. Multi-media filtration also permits delivery of high-quality filtered water at much faster flow rates, as compared to a conventional sand filter.

In a conventional sand filter, lighter and finer sand particles are found at the top of the filter bed, and coarser, heavier sand particles remain at the bottom after backwashing. Filtration takes place in the top few inches of the filter bed.

multi-media filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter, using reverse or upward flow of water through the filter bed. The various layers of media retain their stratification because each material has a different density.

Filter Media Types

Pure Aqua supplies a wide range of quality filter media that meet industry standards for efficient and effective filtration.


Graded in various ranges, Pure Aqua’s sand can be used as filtration media or under bedding depending on particle size and application.


Anthracite is recommended as a filter media where additional silica in the water is not desirable and removes lighter weight turbidity.


Calcite media is specially graded calcium carbonate compound for neutralizing acid with consistent dissolving rates for water treatment.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon media is used to remove taste, odor and chlorine and used in many drinking water applications.

Manganese Greensand

Manganese Greensand media is treated siliceous material for treating water containing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.


ProSand is based on a rare natural mineral. Its unique properties radically improve the performance and cost of media filtration.