Pure Aqua Resin Media

Product Description

Pure Aqua resin media are designed to eliminate unwanted minerals that lead to water pollution such as hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, arsenic, and radium which can be found underground. The surface of the filter media incorporates manganese dioxide which effectively removes manganese and iron, while the characteristics within the media (silica sand) prevents breakdowns from occurring due to low amounts of TDS, and hard minerals. Our filter media works efficiently in high operating temperatures and differential pressures as compared to conventional manganese greensand filters. These superior qualities allow for extended run times before backwashing is required, including an increase in safety. What further separates our filter media from the competition is an unnecessary requirement of prerequisite priming in product water used for potential cases of desired water quality not being met.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Total exchange capacity 2.0 eq/l min
  • Ionic form, supplied Na
  • Water retention 43 - 48%
  • Screen size, U.S. Standard 16-40 mesh
  • Bulk density 0.78 – 0.88 g/ml

Suggested Operating Conditions:

  • pH range 0 – 14
  • Operating temperature, Na 120°C max
  • Total Swelling (Na H) 8-10% max
  • Re generant concentration Na Cl: 8-10%
  • HCl : 4 – 5%
  • Flo w rate of regenerant 4-6 m/hr
  • Re generant contact time 30-6 0 minutes
  • Rinse flow rate 10-20 m/hr
  • Operating flow rate 10-45 m/hr
  • Free chlorine 1.0 mg/l max
Product Name Description: Screen Size Appearance Regenerant
CA-10 Cross-linked 8% 16-40 mesh Light Brown spherical
NaCl: 8-10%
HCl : 4 – 5%
1 cubic ft. bags, 45 LBS bags
CA-12 Cross-linked 10% 16-50 mesh 1 cubic ft. bags, 45 LBS bags
Reverse osmosis, industrial, commercial, municipal, and water softener systems
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    Good company

    Posted by Alfred P. on Nov 15th 2019

    Pure Aqua has done a great job in producing a quality filtration media

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