Paddlewheel Flowmeter Models

Paddlewheel Flow Meter Models

Blue-White Industries supply paddlewheel flowmeter models that incorporate the most desirable features required for high quality sensors. With the advanced technologies being incorporated in flowmeters in the modern time, a greater degree of precision is provided for your dollar. Simple installation is also allowed for as these flowmeters can be applied vertically or horizontally without harming the overall performance. Unmatched versatility that make our flowmeters remarkable efficient with any type of fluid has made them the most in-demand of their kind.



  • Panel, Wall or Pipe Mount
  • Flow Ranges: 0.4 - 8,000 GPM
  • Battery Operated


  • Display Mounted on Pipe Fitting
  • Flow Ranges: 0.4 - 8,000 GPM
  • Battery Operated


  • Sensor or Panel / Mount Display
  • Transformer Power Required
  • Flow Rates: 30 - 7,000 ml/min

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Paddlewheel Flow Meter Models, which are highly reproducible, robust sensors that deliver amazing value with very little upkeep and are easy to install with time-honored reliability and performance.

Paddlewheel Flow Meter Models are manufactured by Blue-White Industries and provide terrific performance to users and various complete pipe water flow applications, including offering simple installation and battery-powered features. The advanced materials used with paddlewheel flowmeters are extremely durable and ensure a long service life, even under harsh, corrosive conditions. There is a reset button for the totalizer and a easy to read LDC display sign that notifies the user of both overall flow and rate of flow. The paddlewheel is also capable of being quickly uninstalled for maintenance requirements or replacement.