DUPONT FILMTEC Seawater RO 4" Membranes Elements

DUPONT FILMTEC™ Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) 4" Membrane Elements

Dupont/Dow FILMTEC™ 4" seawater reverse osmosis elements deliver maximum productivity while preserving terrific salt rejection capabilities.

  • DUPONT FILMTEC SW30 membrane elements are considered the most advanced in terms of permeate flow rate and surface area.
  • DUPONT FILMTEC SW30 elements can also be functional at decreased pressures for the purposes of reducing operational expenses and pump size
  • Enhanced DUPONT FILMTEC seawater membrane intertwined with mechanized, accuracy element fabrication leads to the most reliable performance available
Key Features and Benefits of Dupont/Dow Filmtec SWRO Membranes:
  • 1,950 permeate flow rate gpd (m3/d).
  • 1,000 maximum operating pressure.
  • 99.4% Salt Rejection
  • Highly durable due to easy cleanability
  • Less energy and pressure needed as a result of high flux
  • Fantastic water quality
  • Dupont/Dow Filmtec licensed.
DUPONT FILMTEC SW30-4021 Membrane


  • Flow Rate: 6 GPM
  • Max. Pressure: 1,000 psi
  • Pressure Drop: 15 psig
  • Max. Temperature: 113°F
DUPONT FILMTEC SW30-4040 Membrane


  • Flow Rate: 6 GPM
  • Max. Pressure: 1,000 psi
  • Pressure Drop: 15 psig
  • Max. Temperature: 113°F


  • Permeate Flow: 1,600 GPD
  • Max. Pressure: 1,000 psi
  • Pressure Drop: 15 psig
  • Max. Temperature: 113°F

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Dupont/Dow FilmTec Seawater Reverse Osmosis 4" Membrane Elements can divide contaminants from water, such as salt and total dissolved solids through automated manufacturing process that guarantee accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

DUPONT FILMTEC seawater membrane delivers high boron rejection to help customers meet World Health Organization (WHO) and other drinking water standards. FILMTEC seawater reverse osmosis membrane elements deliver high performance over their operating lifetime without the use of oxidative post-treatments like many competitive products. This is one reason why FILMTEC seawater membrane are more durable and may be cleaned more effectively over a wider pH range (1-13) than other RO elements. The DUPONT FILMTEC elements is a premium grade seawater reverse osmosis element featuring both high active area and high salt rejection to offer the best long-term economics for seawater desalination systems.

Thin-Film Composite (TFC Membrane) design

FilmTec thin-film composite membranes (TFC membranes) are the world’s leading RO membrane for water purification systems. To date, more than 1,000,000 FilmTec membranes have been installed in water treatment systems worldwide.

FILMTEC seawater membrane is a durable, high-rejection, high-productivity seawater element for use in high fouling or challenging feedwater conditions, helping to support smooth operations and low cost of water.

FILMTEC™ Seawater membranes are capable of separating saline from water and are manufactured through an automatic fabrication procedure that assures accuracy, dependability and stability. They are most suitable for smaller sized desalination plants that produce less than 12 gallons per minute of permeate. Filmtec seawater membrane consist of one of the largest flow rates in the market and are able to handle the water requirements of both land-based and sea-based desalinators. These membrane elements can also function at low pressures to cut the cost of operating, pumps, and system expenses.

Filmtec seawater membranes are viewed as the industry’s leading reverse osmosis elements and provide an unmatched mixture of efficiency and high salt rejection to effectively lower the overall cost of treating salt water. Filmtec elements offer long life value with incredible performance without the use of pre-chlorination or post-treatment to meet freshwater standards.  

Used in Applications such as:


  • Transform seawater into fresh and potable water
  • High flux lowers pressure and energy consumption
  • High rejection results in ultrapure water
  • FilmTec performance and quality
Dupont FilmTec Membranes
Tapwater Commercial RO  2.5"x40” and 4"x40” membranes, TW30, XLE, LP, BW30, TW30HP
Tapwater Industrial RO  4”x40” and 8”x40” membranes, l BW30, BW30LE, LE, XLE, FR, RO, HSRO
Seawater RO Elements  2.5"x40”, 4”x40” and 8"x40” Seawater membranes, SW30, SW30HR, SW30HRLE
Nanofiltration Elements  4”x40” and 8"x40” Nanofiltration membranes, NF90, NF270, NF200, NF
Semiconductor Grade  8" Dia. Semiconductor SG, SG30