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Harmsco Filtration

Some of our many products include carbon filters, pool filters, industrial filters, and cartridge housings. We specialize in pre-filtration for Reverse Osmosis systems. Visit our Product Description page to learn more about some of our most popular liquid filter products and how they can help you provide clean drinking water for your home or business.

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Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Harmsco Filtration Products which are designed to give users important benefits such as cost-effectiveness, durability, and high performance. Harmsco filters are manufactured to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. 

Harmsco Filtration Products

Pure Aqua has partnered with Harmsco Filters to provide first-rate water filtration products in our field. We have committed to the advancement of water treatment through innovative and economical solutions for the challenges facing us in the water treatment industry. Introduced in 1958, Harmsco Filters have three divisions and a global footprint, and delivers durable, proven, and cost savings value to our consumers. As developers in the water filtration industry, Harmsco is responsible for many breakthroughs regarding new technologies brought to our industry, while continuing to focus on maximum quality and service to our end users.

Why Choose Harmsco Filters?

  • UP-FLOW DESIGN - Harmsco filter housings remove the capture of air in the filter housing, including any likelihood for by-pass of ensuing contamination 
  • HURRICANE® FILTER HOUSINGS - Hurricane filters deliver unmatched performance. Suspended solids are removed prior to the arrival of cartridge filters to extend the filter life. Dirt holding capabilities are increased and maintenance costs are reduced. 
  • PLEATED CARTRIDGES - Surface area are greater in size and have longer duration, suspended solids are eliminated at a higher rate , and operational cost is substantially lower. Harmsco delivers cartridge lengths and micron sizes at a greater variety compared to any other distributor. 
  • ELECTROPOLISHED Housings- Electropolished housings are provided with most Harmsco filter housings. Stainless steel components are electropolished for more efficient end and greater longevity.
  • NSF LISTED PRODUCTS - Most Harmsco filters are NSF-61 validated for public consumption. 
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Harmsco filters are diagnosed and approved to ensure maximum quality and safety standards.
  • Pure Aqua is a supplier of Harmsco filters and consists of the top water purification specialists on staff to support your purchase.