Hydranautics Nanofiltration Membranes


ESNA membranes by Hydranautics are designed using the latest technology and exhibit unparalleled performance at ultra-low pressures. Ideal for softening applications and removal of pesticides and pathogens, ESNA membranes provide 50-90% salt rejection. ESNA membranes also remove iron and TOC (Total Organic Carbon), while allowing passage of monovalent ions like sodium and chloride. This makes them the preferred choice for municipal potable water systems. Hydranautics advanced membrane technology and unique features of ESNA membranes help achieve significant savings in operation cost and energy. This makes them these membranes the preferred choice for municipal potable water systems.

Hydranutics 4'' Nanofiltration Membranes


  • Size: 4" dia.
  • ESNA1-LF2-LD-4040
  • HydraCoRe50-LD-4040
  • HydraCoRe70 pHT-4040
  • ESNA1-LF-LD-4040
  • HydraCoRe10-LD-4040
  • HydraCoRe70-4040
  • NANO-BW-4040
Hydranutics 8'' Nanofiltration Membranes


  • Size: 8"x40"
  • Color Removal (HydraCoRe)
  • SO4 Removal (Nano-SW)
  • Softening membranes (ESNA)
  • Energy savings membranes (Nano-BW)

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of Nanofiltration Membranes which are designed to remove large percentages of salt from water through cost-effective power and energy consumption, including low pressure performance. These membranes are made to meet all customer requirements and specifications. 

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Hydranautics Nanofiltration Membranes

Hydranautics ESNA are distinguished nanofiltration membranes, which are suitable for water softening applications, and the elimination of micropollutants such as bacteria, viruses, etc.

ESNA membranes supply up to 90% saline rejection with low pressure performance, economical power usage, and greatly reduce installation and operational expenses. They can eliminate organic substances efficiently in order to avoid the build up contamination within water distribution lines. They are also a suitable solution for hardness reduction from water.