Hydranautics NANO-BW MAX Membrane

Product Description

Hydranautics NANO-BW MAX Membrane are specially designed nanofiltration membranes built to provide high quality performance for water treatment applications that deal with low salinity. Ground and surface water that harbor high quantities of organic substances and pesticides are also suitable applications for these membranes. The NANO-BW MAX membrane delivers up to 90% salt rejection with extremely low pressure for the purposes of savings energy and operational costs, as well aso being simple to install.


  • Configuration: Spiral Wound
  • Membrane Polymer: Composite Polyamide
  • Nominal Membrane Area: 440 ft2 (40.9 m²)
  • Feed/Brine Spacer Thickness: 26 mil (0.66 mm)



Standard Operating Limits
  • Maximum Applied Pressure: 600 psig (4.14 MPa)
  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration: < 0.1 ppm
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113 °F (45 °C)
  • pH Range, Operation (Cleaning): 3 – 9 (1 –11.5)
  • Maximum Feedwater Turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Maximum Feedwater SDI (15 mins.): 5.0
  • Maximum Feed Flow: 75 gpm (17.0 m³/h)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop for Each Element: 15 psi 



  • Removal of color and large molecular weight organics from feedwater.
  • Industrial, food and beverage, and municipal feedwaters.


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    Always in stock!

    Posted by Nicholas S. on May 19th 2020

    I have been a faithful user of hydranautics membranes for many years due to long-term consistency. Terrific products

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