Eden Equipment Company

Eden Equipment Company

Pure Aqua supplies a large line of commercial and industrial Eden Equipment filtration products. Each filter cartridge housing can be tailored to your water demands and specific flow rate when ordering. These filter cartridge housings come packaged and complete with all necessary parts and components for easy install. Contact one of our team members to help in choosing your Eden Equipment cartridge filter housing and for replacement filters. 

Our selection of Eden equipment excel industrial filter vessels, industrial filter cartridges, and more focus on providing hardness, dependability, and long-lasting product life.

Eden Equipment Company is a highly regarded producer of industrial filter vessels, filter housings, water treatment cartridges, and has been satisfying consumer demands for efficient water filtration solutions for over three decades.

Eden Equipment Company


  • EFB Housings
  • EFC Housings
  • EFCF Housings
  • EFCS Housings
  • EFCT Housings
  • EFCV Housings
  • FRP Single Bag Filter Vessel

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a world-wide supplier of the products developed by Eden Equipment Company which are tailor made for a wide array of applications. These products are designed and manufactured in the USA with cutting-edge technology by esteemed engineers.

Eden Equipment Company is capable of tailoring its industrial filter vessels for various applications such as plumbing, flow, pressure, and more. Eden excel filter housings can assist you in attaining the right kind of chemistry, temperature, or other configurations to help save your cost of operation. In contrast to other producers, the Eden Equipment Company gives the user the option to alternate individual parts, rather than buying an altogether new vessel. Eden excel has designed its vessels to ensure minimal service and operational costs over their lifetime use.

Eden Equipment Company manufactures, designs and exclusively engineers its products in the USA with advanced materials by decorated specialists. Contact us now to learn more about the benefits that Eden products can provide to you, or request a quote now!