Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Palestine


Palestine is located in Asia.

The World Bank reports that at least 80 countries have water shortages and 2 billion people lack access to clean water. More disturbingly, the World Health Organization has reported that 1 billion people lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs, unfortunately in many countries water is scarce or contaminated.

Pure Aqua provides a wide range of filtration and economical solutions based on Palestine's water resources.

Palestine's main water resources are:

Water Treatment solutions in Palestine
Pure Aqua provides water treatment applications to assist Palestine with the development of its area’s water production and resources, which has been a major problem since the 1940’s. Since most of Palestine’s wells and springs have been dried up due to Israel’s activities, our water purification systems are an important alternative for these lost water sources. Some of the systems we ship to Palestine consists of:

  • Seawater reverse osmosis systems
  • Brackish water reverse osmosis systems
  • Rainwater treatment systems
  • Water reclamation systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems

These systems have helped to prevent the Palestinians from continuing to see water losses, sewage problems and reductions within their water quality.

Pure Aqua manufactures water treatment systems in Palestine that meet the World Health Organization requirements.

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of B2B water treatment solutions for a variety of applications and industries, we offer a large selection of all types of reverse osmosis and water treatment in Palestine systems to meet your industrial needs. Pure Aqua’s extensive global experience in engineering and manufacturing allows us to pre-engineer and customize water treatment and reverse osmosis systems to meet a wide range of customer requirements and specifications.

Completed Water Purification Projects for Palestine: