FRP Filter Tanks

FRP Pressure Filter & Water Treatment Tanks

Pure Aqua provides exceptionally easy to operate, user-friendly, and low expense FRP Filter Tanks to various applications across the world. Our objective is to deliver safer, cleaner, and healthier water through the removal of biologically harmful contaminants.

Pure Aqua's FRP filter tanks are considered the most energy-efficient filtration systems in the market with low maintenance required. Check out our selection of water treatment tanks to find which is best suited for your specific needs.

For excellent efficiency and longevity in harsh chemical conditions, our filter tanks deliver fiberglass design with polyethylene interior cover. The non-intrusive, economical commercial/industrial water treatment and storage solution. Each filter tank is assessed 100 per cent factory pressure along with consistency checked prior to departure.

FRP Filter Tanks Features:

  • Strong fiberglass materials, operates at varying capacities
  • Provides UV safeguarding for simple installation anywhere
  • Low maintenance required, plus high quality biological and mechanical filtration units
  • Gravity and pump fed-in filter tanks readily available
  • Minimal operating cost with simple installation
Clack Tanks


  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Polyethylene Inner Shell
  • Pressure Mineral Tanks
  • Chemical Solution Tanks
  • Commercial Brine Tanks
  • Industrial Brine Tanks
Pentair FRP Tanks


  • Structural FRP Vessels
  • Poly Glass Pressure Vessels
  • Structual Composite Vessels
  • Structural Retention Vessels
  • Structural Exchange Tanks
  • ROmate Vessels

Pure Aqua has over 20 years of experience as a global provider of FRP Pressure Filter & Water Treatment Tanks. These filter tanks are considered the industry-leading composite tanks which provide the strength and longevity without the excess weight you need. Additionally, like conventional water treatment tanks, they are not going susceptible to corrosion or rust.


Pure Aqua’s filter tanks offer fiberglass construction with polyethylene inner shell for outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environments. The non-destructive, cost-effective solution for commercial/industrial water treatment and storage. Each filter tank is 100% factory pressure tested as well as quality inspected before leaving. FRP filter tanks have secure bases and are available in many different configurations depending on your application and space requirements.