Hospital Water Treatment | Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure Aqua ensures our water treatment systems accommodate all of the strictest standards for any applications, including being of great use in hospitals. Our reverse osmosis and EDI systems are ideal for generating immaculate, and uncontaminated water. Our high quality modules produce ultra pure water to satisfy the demand for high purity water in the Hospital industry. We take our duty to provide healthcare facilities with first-rate water since it will directly impact the well-being of your patients. We have been meeting the demands from hospitals throughout the world to ensure a high level safety for all healthcare workers and visitors. Our hospital water treatment solutions are devised to meet compliance standards, minimize cost, and provide custom water quality for the specific needs of your facility.

Our hospital water treatment technologies employed for the medical institution include:

Medical Water Filter

Having a source of sterile water is a vital aspect in every hospital. Doctors, patients, and the staff alike need reliable water for every day applications. From disinfecting medical products and equipment, wound cleansing, drinking water, and sterilization before medical procedures, Pure Aqua, Inc. can provide water purification systems for hospitals, engineered to meet stern standards and requirements. Some of our custom medical water filter solutions consist of:

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  • HVAC Water Treatment Systems — Hospitals allocate a huge portion of their budget to provide satisfactory heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. More than half of the energy and water expenses for healthcare facilities can be used for a hospital can be spent in these sectors alone. We have solidified our presence in the water treatment industry over the last thirty years with successful and long-lasting applications that maintain a clean environment, reduce boiler and cooling tower blowdown, energy and water consumption, to keep health center's utility bills in a reasonable manner.
  • Boiler Feeds — Our first-rate water softeners systems will eliminate pollution such as TDS from the water content increase boiler cycles. As the boiler cycles rise, fewer water will need to be removed from the boiler and will save the amount of usage needed from your boiler plant. Regaining your own condensation is important in order to save more water for your boiler plant.
  • Ice Coolers Filtration — Ice machines have been identified by several disease-prevention organizations as a potential source of hospital-acquired infections. Pure Aqua  has affiliated with the some of the best rated water filter manufacturers to provide an advanced ice machine filtration system for unmatched contaminant removal.
  • Laundries - The laundry industry is among the most prevalent sectors in water consumption and liquid waste production. In the past, washing clothes was a burdensome task as unfiltered water routinely caused damages to the clothing. However, the introduction of water softening systems created an effective way to eliminate hard water nuisances. Pure Aqua’s first-rate reverse osmosis system is the leading water filtration system that will give you much cleaner, and comfortable clothes.
  • Kitchens - Our reverse osmosis systems are also perfectly ideal for producing flawless drinking water quality for your kitchen. All contaminants such as arsenic, pesticides, lead, nitrates, chlorine, cysts, and the many other will be eradication with the reverse osmosis systems at Pure Aqua.

Advanced Hospital Water Filtration Systems

EDI systems are ideal solutions to many hospital water treatment applications, and we offer a full line of fully customizable Electro-Deionization systems, which are all engineered using advanced computer modeling and process design software for individual customized solutions. UV Sterilization is another water treatment method to obtain highly purified water for hospital use. 

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Completed Water Treatment Projects: