Filtration System 238 GPM - Jordan

Product Description

Country: Jordan

System/Product: Filtration System

Flow Rate: 238 GPM

Components & Bands:
- Dual Filtration Process

Suspended solids is generally responsible for causing the pollution of water.

Eventually the suspended particles settle down and create a dense silt at the bottom.

Harmful chemicals that are suspended in water can be detrimental for aquatic life to grow and survive.



Water filters are designed and manufactured to rid water of suspended particles as well as remove unwanted taste, smells, or coloring. They are made up of different layers of sand and particles with the intention of grasping the smaller particles imbedded within the water. In multimedia filters materials that are light and course are usually on the top of the filter bed while particles that are heavier and finer are at the bottom. This is a great system when it comes to the filter operating to its full capacity. Because of the way the particles are placed in the filter, the entire filter is being used in the purification of the water.

Pure Aqua Supply a central filtration system for one of the largest hospitals in Jordan, Al Bashir Hospital 238 GPM dual filtration process.
  • Extended filtration running durations
  • Greater filtration rates
  • The potential for water filtration to work with high turbidity and suspended matter



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  • 5
    Great looking and designed SWRO system

    Posted by Roberto V. on Nov 6th 2018

    Works well with our power source and provides water with consistent water taste and quality. Great system.

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