Commercial Filtration System 2X 35 GPM - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: General Building Use & Particle Reduction

These are models WS16-120, MLF24-A-D (From our MF-1000 Series), 28F2175AC (From our MF-400 Series)

  • Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks
  • Hand-hole for maintenance
  • Aquamatic Control Valves
  • Digital Stager
  • High Quality Media


Water Challenges: The goal of this project was to collect and purify water that contains high concentrations of particles from general building use. These uses were in different applications such as laboratories, hospitals, kitchens, laundries, boilers, and restaurants. In order to attain optimal efficiency, our engineers have designed the manufacturing of high-quality water treatment systems for general building use, employing the use of media filtration to remove any unwanted impurities.


Applied Solution: The multi-media water filter systems operate for much longer periods of time (five or more times as long at the same filtration rate) before backwashing is necessary because the bed can hold more turbidity. Turbidity is trapped and held throughout the entire bed depth, rather than the top one or two inches. From commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems to first-rate media filtration, we offer a full range of systems.


Our water treatment units are designed to eradicate large amounts of contaminants and other organisms from water sources for the protection of general building appliances using media filtration.


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    Posted by Taylor R. on Feb 20th 2020

    Well-designed Commercial Filtration System and components are top-notch.

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