Commercial Multimedia Filtration Units 1 x 32 GPM & 1 x 50 GPM - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Remove Suspended Solids

These are models MLF-30A-50Hz & MLF24A-50Hz from our MF-1000 Series.

A commercial multimedia filtration unit is designed to separate sediment from water in order for usage such as drinking, swimming, or bathing. The Pure Aqua plant used the following types of media for the filtration bed: Sand, Anthracite, and Gravel. The sand is the most common of the three Medias, it is a fine and used to remove suspended solids and turbidity. Anthracite, a type of coal, is used for picking up access silica that still remains in water. It is ideal because it evaporates quickly and attracts large quantities of carbon when compared to other types of coal. The last sediment within the commercial multimedia filtration unit is gravel. Gravel provides bed support evenly and promotes good water flow due to its spherical shape. Multimedia filters are important to water purification because they catch suspended solids from all types of water and help water systems continue to cycle and not get backed up.


Water Challenges: Multi-media filtration are the perfect treatment solution for the removal of suspended solids from feed water. The substances that makeup suspended solids such as algae, sediments, and particles are prone to produce turbidity, which is essentially the cloudiness in the water. Turbidity changes the texture of water due to the high concentration of dissolved solids clouding the light and creating a very murky appearance. While turbidity is not considered a health hazard to humans, it does imply poor quality in the water, and makes it insufficient to use in many applications, including consumption.



Applied Solution: Multi-media filtration units were supplied to a major company in Kuwait to reduce suspended solids and turbidity in water. The multi-media units is composed of epoxy coated steel tanks, electric actuated valves, PLC, PVC SCH 80 face piping, high quality multi-media, differential pressure switch & gauge, in/out pressure gauges, and drain line flow controls (DLFC). The plant was selected from our MF-1000 Series. Since its startup, the filtration system has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.



  • Multi media filter [MF-1000 series]
  • Epoxy coated steel tanks
  • Electric valves
  • Pressure switch & gauges
  • Drain flow controls [DLFC]
  • PLC Controlled


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