Reverse Osmosis System Followed by Mixed Bed Deionizers 2x 40,000 GPD - Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Hospital Water Treatment: Ultra-pure water from city water source : RO & MBDI

This is model MB24-PVN/M9065 & MB18-PVN/M9060 from our MBDI Series.

  • Pretreatment (Media & Carbon Filters and Twin Alternating Softener)
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller for RO
  • Rubber Lined Steel Tanks Mixed Bed Deionizers
  • Advanced PLC Control Panel for DI
  • Distribution Pumps with PLC, Grundfos Pumps and pressure transmitters
  • Water Quality Instruments


Water Challenges: Hospitals and healthcare facilities universally require fresh and potable water for the well-being of their patients and staff. Doctors, patients, and therefore the employees alike want reliable water for every day applications. To make matters tougher, just about all of those facilities would like special on-the-scene treatment because of inadequate water treatment within the community. From disinfecting medical product and instrumentality, wound cleansing, drinking water, and sterilization before medical procedures. Our hospital water treatment solutions in the form of reverse osmosis systems and mixed bed deionizers, are devised to fulfill compliance standards, minimize value, and supply custom water quality for the particular needs of your facility.



Applied Solution: Having a supply of sterile water could be a very important facet in each hospital. To answer the strain of those hospitals, our engineers have stay committed to engineering and supplying first-rate water treatment systems within the form of reverse osmosis and others to attain sustainable and clean water. Pure Aqua, Inc. can offer high purity water systems, like reverse osmosis systems and mixed bed deionizers, that are designed to satisfy stern hospital standards and needs. MBDI after reverse osmosis makes a great combination to provide an ultra-pure water for many applications.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.




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    top-notch engineers

    Posted by Chad B. on Jan 22nd 2020

    An exceptionally made Reverse Osmosis System from top-notch engineers

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