Multi Media Filtration Units 900,000 GPD - Kuwait

Product Description

Date: January 2007

Capacity: 900,000 GPD

Country: Kuwait

Large concentrations of suspended solids present results in a reduction in water quality. This outcome occurs in the form of turbidity which produces undesirable effects such as color alterations, smell, and taste issues in the water. Scaling can also result due to suspended solids and significantly hampers the performance of equipment and utilities utilized across industries. For these reasons, multimedia filtration systems are depended upon within applications that require high quality treated water. Media filtration has proven to be the most effective treatment method in regard to suspended solids reduction.


In December 2006, Pure Aqua successfully supplied a major hotel in Kuwait with an epoxy coated steel tank multi-media filtration units to remove sediment down to the 10 micron range.

The multi-media filtration units were selected from our MF-1000 Series. MLF-42A uses a 42” diameter tank to handle a minimum flow rate of 97gpm.  MLF-36A uses a 36” diameter tank to handle a minimum flow of 71gpm.  Each unit is designed with an automatic stager, 5 metal diaphragm valves, differential pressure switch & gauge, air release valve, flanged connection, sample valves, and in/out pressure gauges. Each system uses the following grades of media: Anthracite, Silica Sand, Garnet, and Gravel (Different layers). Since the time of its start-up in February 2007, the filtration systems have been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.


  • Extended filtration running durations
  • Greater filtration rates
  • The potential for water filtration to work with high turbidity and suspended matter




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    Good customer service

    Posted by Gildo Q. on Apr 14th 2020

    Works well and our team maintains the MF system very well too. System came with very detailed manuals that are easy to follow. Great buy.

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