Duplex Multi-Media Filtration for Irrigation 956,160 GPD - Kuwait

Product Description

Application:Irrigation Water

This is mode lMLF78-A-D from our MF-1000 Series.

  • Flow Rate of 800 GPM From Tap Water Feed
  • Backwash Independently - Rate of 800 GPM


Water Challenges:The performance of irrigation water primarily depends on the quality of the water which is being used. If there is a high presence of total suspended solids (TSS) or turbidity in the water, then the efficiency of the irrigation system will drastically be reduced. These unwanted impurities will create problem for all irrigation equipment and nozzles and will affect plant growth due to the intermittent watering. For this reason, water treatment solutions such as media filtration is used to remove these contaminants from the feed water and improve the productivity of irrigation systems.



Applied Solution:Pure Aqua designs and manufactures water treatment systems to meet water needs the world over. A duplex multi-media filtration system was recently shipped to a major company in Kuwait for the purposes of purifying irrigation water. It is designed to produce eight hundred gallons per minute of high quality permeate from a tap water feed. This system requires water for backwash from an outside source, at a rate of eight hundred gallons per minute. The system is durable, dependable, and will require little maintenance to provide its maximum output.



  • Little Maintenance
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Long-Term Use


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    Clean Duplex Multi-Media Filtration

    Posted by Maniboy F. on Oct 5th 2019

    We used Duplex Multi-Media Filtration for Irrigation

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