Hydranautics HydraCoRe70-4040 Membrane

Product Description

Hydranautics HydraCoRe70-4040 Membrane provide important features such as chemical and oxidant resistance through high quality sulfonated polyethersulfone elements. These nanofiltration elements are designed to eradicate color from water, including organic substances from product water, industrial process, municipal water supply.


  • Outerwrap: FRP hard shell
  • Membrane Polymer: Sulfonated Polyethersulfone
  • Molecular Weight Cut-off 720 daltons



Standard Operating Limits:
  • Maximum Applied Pressure: 600 psig (41 Bar)
  • Maximum Continuous Chlorine Concentration 1: 10 PPM
  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration for Cleaning 1: 100 PPM
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113°F (45°C)
  • Operating pH Range: 2-11*
  • Cleaning pH Range: 1-12
  • (For cleaning temperatures <35C)
  • Maximum Feedwater Turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Maximum Feedwater SDI (15 mins): 5.0
  • Maximum Pressure Drop per element 10 psi



  • Removal of color and large molecular weight organics from feedwater.
  • Industrial, food and beverage, and municipal feedwaters.


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