Aircraft Washing Water Systems

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Pure Aqua water treatment systems handle purifying the chemicals, grime, mud, and wash water that is rinsed off the materials during the cleaning process. These systems produce clean and uncontaminated water for reuse by eliminating unwanted pollutants.

Pure Aqua is committed to providing you with first-rate water purification systems through finding the right solution for your specific application. Reverse osmosis systems provide an advanced water treatment solutions that remove virtually all hard water minerals from the feed water, which ultimately eradicated stains from showing up on your parts. With reverse osmosis, water requires less chemicals such as detergent and greatly improves the cleaning as all of your chemicals goes into enhancing the cleaning efficiency and alkalinity.

Brackish water reverse osmosis systems have been adopted as the number one treatment method for aircraft washing. Our industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to deliver a high output of ultra-pure water each day. For a better understanding of reverse osmosis, you must first ascertain its features and ask what is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis process works by utilizing membranes to simulate filtration media to produce ultra-pure water from originally salty, or contaminated water. The untreated water is placed on one side of the membrane and pressure is applied to halt the solute, and subsequently reverse the flow of the water so that the pure solvent passes to the other side. Generally, RO systems necessitate high pressure and consist of somewhat slow performance.


Aircraft washing water systems are increasingly being utilized in military aviation procedures. The cost of corrosion is a huge part of any military aircraft budget. Effective post-flight washing with fresh water is critical to the elimination of unwanted minerals, salts, and pollutants that contribute to corrosion. For this reason, aircraft washing systems depend heavily on high-quality water produced from reverse osmosis processes. Maintaining the aircraft fixed wings, rotary parts, and providing flight personnel with suitable water will provide the necessary tools needed to deliver great customer satisfaction.

Water is an essential component in any cleaning solution with the quality of the water used being a determinant on the cleaning results. While tap water is adequate for our health and is suitable for consumption, the same minerals within it produces problems when using tap water for cleaning. The primary hard water components which are deemed problematic are magnesium and calcium. These two elements cause water marks, amass on heated surfaces, and mix with cleaning products to produce sludge.


Recommended systems would be our:


Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Systems For Aircraft Washing

  • Provides instantaneous protection
  • Simple & Easy Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Approved by International Aerospace Standards
  • High Productivity due to Low Energy Usage
  • Design based on technologies incorporated in Airplanes
  • Space Saving & Expandable
  • Environmentally Friendly


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