Humidifier Water Treatment System

Product Description

Humidifier Water Treatment Systems are utilized for the application of fresh and purified water to protect the Humidifier’s heat transfer surfaces. This method is used in industrial and commercial plants, general facilities, hospitals and other health care facilities. These systems are designed to disallow the escalation and precipitation of water substances which reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase maintenance expenses. This is due to the high cost of maintenance which goes into purifying and replacing the heat transfer surfaces.

Well-built buildings need humidifier water treatment systems to remove particles from water and produce minerals in order to be productive. Since the dissolved minerals in water scale in concentration until they before they precipitate out as scale, its most effective to eliminate these unwanted minerals before they damage the heat transfer surfaces.

Purified Water for Humidifier

Humidifier water treatment systems require consistent and effective cleaning in order for the unit to continue producing quality air. In the chances that you do not cleanse the tanks and filters often, then problems regarding pathogens and mold buildup can compromise the humidifier’s ability to generate clean air. The health safety of the people who are breathing the unclean air produced from humidifiers is compromised, specifically those who might have allergy symptoms. 

As aforementioned, the success of humidifier water treatment depends mainly on the type of water that these systems are treating. Utilizing unfiltered tap water, for instance, can lead to the growth of unwanted mineral deposits and simultaneously produce bacteria in the humidifier. Humidifier water treatment systems depend greatly on the usage of purified water that does not contain high concentrations of minerals in the water.

Certain pre-treatment steps are necessary to ensure that the reverse osmosis system works efficiently. The amount of pre-treatment required depends mainly on the features within the feed water, such as the degree of contamination in existing water. Reverse osmosis systems work efficiently in removing unwanted substances from the feed water, and maintaining the availability of clean water within a wide range of applications.

The pores of the RO membranes are sufficiently capable of removing up to 99% of all bacteria, viruses, and other organisms within the water. This eliminates any chance of scale buildup in the system, and results in less maintenance of all humidifiers, including decreased energy usage in steam humidifiers. Once pre-treatment and reverse osmosis are utilized, there are specific methods needed for the treated water to reach the humidifier and the required pressure.


Humidifier water treatment systems have made recent advances which makes the elimination of undesirable substances prior to them having a chance to build up and foul the humidifiers. Reverse osmosis has become the most widely used water purification system in producing purified water for humidifiers.


Humidifier Water Treatment Systems Advantages:
  • Eliminates unwanted odors
  • Effective for all evaporative type humidifiers
  • Unuseable within vaporizers
  • Extends the service life of filters
  • Destroys the build-up of lime and scale
  • Water and scale treatment
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