Water Treatment for Commercial Misting Systems

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The Role of Reverse Osmosis in Misting Systems

Commercial misting systems utilize high pressure, ultrapure water and various misting fans to improve outdoor environments in order to make them more convenient, operative and inviting. These systems are mainly used to provide seamless cooling in hot and arid environments. Pure Aqua’s water filtration systems are designed with a tailor-made combination of industrial-grade components for effective misting.

These components work in conjunction within misting system filters to provide top-notch cooling experience for businesses throughout the world.

Reverse osmosis treated water is even more necessary in applications that consists of high amounts of glass, and where the furniture is occupied under the spray area. In the absence of reverse osmosis, mineral deposits hastenly escalate on these surfaces. These deposits can be highly challenging to eliminate, and can destroy the furniture if not kept safe constantly.


Producing misting usually does not result in a reduction in water quality. In fact, commercial misting systems save businesses with lower costs in several ways. However, incorporating the usage of high quality reverse osmosis systems with misting production is seen as an additional benefit.

With the integration of reverse osmosis, the produce will seem even more attractive, denser, and provide little maintenance regarding the misting system filters. Pure Aqua has attained more than 20 years in manufacturing and selling commercial misting systems and recommends the usage of a RO systems with each produce misting system.

Furthermore, reverse osmosis systems provide an advantage to commercial misting systems through the provision of readily available ultra pure water. As industries realize this additional benefit afforded from reverse osmosis systems, they routinely request for the system to be sized in order to produce high quality drinking water as well.

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