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Reverse Osmosis System for Car Wash:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment is comprised of a series of filters that collectively provide purified water by removing 90-99% of dissolved solids. This process is a complete system of treatments designed to remove residual residue for a smudge-free finish! Known for incredibly small pore size membranes, reverse osmosis filtration systems produce the highest form of purified water. Therefore, the car wash reverse osmosis system is the optimal solution for a successful service. RO systems for car washes are the filtration systems for the highest purified quality. RO makes a terrific car wash filter with high durablility and minimal maintenance required, making them the ideal and practical option.

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Water Softener System for Car Wash:

Water softener systems essentially balance the minerals in the water by deionizing "hard minerals" like calcium and magnesium and adding sodium and potassium (NaCl and KCl). The physical process occurs through an ion exchange resin that filters through the salts to obtain a smooth water quality that will leave the surface of a car spotless. Since softened water will leave the surface virtually effortlessly smooth, a car wash water softener is perfect for the final rinse at any car wash service business. (Think of it as a rough paper towel rather than a soft tissue. The differences in the effects they have on a surface are drastically unmatched.) Note that this process does not completely remove all dissolved solids, such as organic molecules, viruses, or bacteria. Therefore, this treatment is recommended for the purpose of smoothing rather than filtration.

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Producing high purity water is paramount for successful and profitable car wash services. The quality of your water that is being utilized in the washing process has a significant impact on the longevity of the washing equipment as well as the efficiency of soaps, detergents, and chemicals.

Choosing the right car wash filter is critical to the success of your entire business. Regular water contains impurities in the form of minerals and dissolved solids (such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and many more) that prevent a successful spotless car wash. Once the water evaporates, it leaves minerals and solids as residues or visibly as stains. To provide spotless car wash services, the water must be filtered of these minerals and dissolved solids. Fortunately, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners do that and much more.


There are two types of car wash water treatment systems for a spotless car wash, premium. and economical. The premium water treatment solution is done through the use of reverse osmosis, which completely removes all harmful substances from the water used in the car washing process. The economical water treatment solution is done with the use of water softeners which eliminated calcium and magnesium ions which cause hardness in the water supply, resulting in unwanted spots.

Car Wash Water Softener

A car wash water softener is beneficial to the vehicle washing machine since it is simpler to remove the particles from soft water, which avoids the scaling that occurs with hardness. However, dissolved substances in water, whether softened or not, will leave marks. Spots will still arise  with soft water that contains dissolved substances. It'll just be simpler to wipe them away.

A car wash water softener aids in the reduction of soap consumption. Cleaning your automobile with softened water is valuable, as is using less soap and lowering the amount of time spent wiping away marks.

Water softeners have the greatest impact on profits by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the agents used in the wash. Soft water allows for greater performance with fewer chemicals, resulting in lower reagent costs per car.

The second method a car wash water softener can reduce your expenses is by preserving downstream equipment from scale damage. The most probable (and most costly) things to be changed due to corrosion from hardness are water heaters and reverse osmosis membranes

Car Wash Filter System (Reverse Osmosis)

Clients who seek a spotless shine once they finish a vehicle wash are disappointed when unpleasant spots appear as a result of salt, hardness, sediments, and other impurities in the water supply. Reverse osmosis demineralizes and filters water, resulting in a dazzling, sparkling clean product water. Using purified water also improves the efficacy of cleaning products by eliminating impurities that impede detergent effectiveness, allowing for easier washing and lower labor and supply costs. By avoiding silt and scale buildup, demineralizing the water through reverse osmosis or water softening minimizes maintenance work and downtime while also extending equipment life.

Due to more efficient washing, less manpower for post-wash operations, less quality control, and a better finished result for enhanced customer satisfaction, a proper water treatment system will have a direct influence on your revenues.


Advantages of reverse osmosis car wash systems:

  • Stain removal: RO systems ensure that 90-99% of dissolved solids, including those that would normally leave a residue, are filtered out.
  • No need to dry: with the application of purified water, no need to clean the remaining drops regarding stains! This helps save materials (towels) and most importantly, labor!
  • Prevents Salt Buildup on Equipment: Stain-free treatments simultaneously prevent salt buildup on equipment.
  • Maximize Results - Using purified water improves detergent application and works best with soaps and chemicals resulting in higher quality service.
  • Increase Product Efficiency - Purified quality enables higher productivity and maximizes products, such as detergent, for a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Reduces equipment maintenance cost - Purified quality helps extend the life of other washing equipment, resulting in longer periods of time between maintenance checks.
  • Durable - RO systems are designed to last 15-20 years.

Advantages of car wash water softeners:

  • Removes Stains - Softeners balance ions to remove residue / stain formation that leaves surface spotless.
  • Forget drying: smooth quality allows droplets to evaporate quickly; Making the drying process unnecessary.
  • Gentle on appliances: A softener will allow water to flow through the appliances without generating salt build-up. This will avoid the hassle of frequent maintenance.
  • Longevity - Water softeners last around 10 years, but require regular maintenance.
  • Save the product: the chemicals in soaps and detergents will be able to react to their full potential with a milder quality. Therefore, saving more product per service.

Here at Pure Aqua, Inc., we engineer and build all of our water treatment systems in-house.

Our turn-key water treatment systems are all pre-engineered using the latest CAD technology available.

This enables our teams to build and deliver treatment systems to our customers with quick turnaround times.

Many of our customers require custom engineered systems. These are typically built around similar core systems and thus allowing for improved turnaround times, even for one-off designs.

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